Top 5 futuristic motorhome concepts

futuristic motorhome

While you were growing up, you were probably watching sci-fi movies and series in amazement and wondered what our future would hold. These 5 motorhomes and campervans give insights into what the production of the recreational vehicles industry will look like in the next years, and some of them are really amazing !

1. The Harmony Amphibious motorhome

This eco-friendly vehicle can be driven on land and water thanks to its hydrogen fuel cells. When navigating, a sail equipped with sun captors can be deployed to stock energy for the motorhome. Despite its thin appearance,  kitchen, toilets, sofa and bed fit in the vehicle, which will guarantee your comfort.

2. COLIM detachable motorhome

Somewhere between a motorhome and a caravan, this vehicle can carry up to 4 people and features a futuristic design and concept. The cockpit can be detached from the liveable space, which can be highly usefful while on vacation when you want to get closer to the city-centre without worrying about where to park. This 2 in 1 vehicle has been designed by  Christian Susana, which aim is to appeal more female buyers thanks to the “sleek curves” of the motorhome.

3. The Bufalino camper

The industrial Cornellius Comanns designed this vehicle after noticing a Piaggio Ape 50 down the road, which is a famous three-wheels scooter. If you often dream about traveling on your own without being bothered by driving a big vehicle, that one might be your ideal campervan ! As small as it is, it still fits a shower, kitchen, bed, two seats, a water tank and even some storage facilities for your belongings. Touring holidays alone have never been that easy !

4. The GMC pad

This concept was at first designed by GMC to provide a mobile urban loft with mobility  in order to offer “a modern alternative for those priced out of Southern California’s escalating housing market.” The hybrid engine allows the vehicle to accumulate sunlight’s power during daylight via photo-voltaic cells. The PAD features every equipment a modern motorhomer might need, such as satellite Wi-fi, a spa at the rear and even a resource management technology to save on fuel and water.

5. Budd-e VW

Thanks to its electric engines, this vehicle produces zero waste. The innovative design has been thought carefully to provide a spacious interior equipped with a sofa. The electric platform it is built upon allows the vehicle to have a full charge in less than 40 minutes and the whole technology it uses is top-notch. Indeed, Budd-e has a voice control function that understands the commands and conversation that the passengers might have. For instance, if one of them is stating that it feels too hot in the campervan, the vehicle will automatically refresh its seat. This modern take on the traditional VW will surely attract a lot of newcomers to the world of caravanning, which is kind of exciting in our opinion!

We might not have any vehicles as Star-trek looking as these ones, but we have gathered a fleet of 3000 motorhomes to rent in Europe.

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