June’s selection : 5 must-have items for motorhomers

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Summer is approaching and you are looking for a gift to reward yourself for those past months of hard-work ? Something that will accompany you on the road and that will make you stand out from your fellow campers ? Find below our selection of 5 accessories for people who love motorhoming !

1 – Thermarest Treo Chair

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This patent-pending chair is our latest discovery. Gifted with an elegant design, this chair can be packed into its base which gives it a nice futuristic aspect. Its really sturdy and will surely be one of our best 2016 travel buddies.

Price : £79.00. Get it here !

2 – Matador Pocket Blanket


How many times have you wished you had carried a blanket to enjoy a wonderful sunset with your loved one? This little accessory seems to be the solution : It can be folded to fit in your pocket in addition of being light and hella stylish ! At this price, there’s no need to hesitate !

Price : £21.99. Get it here !

3 – MPowerd Luci Original


This brand is providing futuristic portable lights that are solar-powered. Give all your dinners a nice atmosphere by enjoying this eco-friendly, safe and affordable item !

Price : £18. Get it here !

4 – Olpro Witley Melamine Set


Buying a nice set of kitchenware for your motorhome is often a good idea until you hit the road and realize how things move and vibrate while you drive. Thankfully, some brands think these things through, and do it with a hint of style and fashion ! You won’t break the bank to buy this melamine set, and it will avoid you broken crockery and a whole lot of noise.

Price :  £35. Get it here !

5 – Solio Classic 2


We often praise the digital detox holiday nowadays, and that is a good thing ! However, some circumstances in life imply that you need to have a smartphone at your disposal, either to keep contact with your relatives, colleagues or to benefit from a GPS app ! The Solio Classic 2 battery pack and solar charger is lightweight and will keep you online and connected.

Price : £72. Get it here !

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