Share your road trip photos with Yescapa !


Over than 30.000 people spend their holidays in a motorhome every year.

Thanks to your photos and videos we can take part in your adventures and your friends feel inspired for their upcoming vacation.

What kind of photos can I post?

It’s up to you to choose the photos you want to share with us.

However, there are some conditions to win our amazing prizes

Your photo must:

contain #Yescapa

mention Yescapa

Show one of the following things:

A motorhome, a campervan or a converted van

The landscape

The travellers

You can also add videos if you prefer!

To make sure our team will see your photos it is necessary to include #Yescapa and to mention Yescapa.

Let your imagination run free - You can capture individual elements of the vehicle or your trip for example.

How should I take my photos?

Only photos in HD-quality can win something. Try to avoid blurry photos and pictures in low lighting. We recommend you to take your photos with your smartphone or with a camera (digital, reflex, etc.)

Where can I post my photos or videos?

You can choose between the following social media:

Facebook: Yescapa ;

Instagram: Yescapa ;

Twitter: @Yescapa_UK.

Make sure to follow us on all our social media accounts if you don’t already 😉

How do I post my photo?


You have to choices:

You can upload your photo on your profile and set it to “public”

You can post the photo to the Yescapa wall


Post your photo on your instagram and don’t forget to use #Yescapa and @Yescapa_UK. Put your account on public to make sure we’ll see your posts!


Once again: don’t forget to use #Yescapa and @Yescapa

Facebook posts:

photo: on your profile or on our wall (1)* (2)*

video: on your profile or on our wall (1)* (2)*

Instagram posts:

photos: (1)* (2)*

videos: (1)* (2)* (3)*

Twitter posts:

photos: (1)* (2)*

videos: (1)* (2)*

The Yescapa Team will select the best quality photos

What to do if I’m not on social media?

If you are not on social media you can send us your photos and videos via mail to

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Yescapa community

Yescapa receives a 3 million Euro round of funding with MAIF

Adrien and I created YESCAPA in May 2012, with a clear aim in mind that has helped us in all our decision-making; to spark interest in European touring holidays, at the same time making them safer and easier, by creating a trusted space for the members of our community to interact. Adrien Pinson (left) and Benoît Panel (right), co-founders of Yescapa We want to change the way that travelers (the motorhome and campervan renters) see their European holidays. We want to give everyone the possibility to choose affordable and trustworthy touring holidays via a respectful and friendly community.

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An atypical road trip to Fashion London Show

London Fashion Week is probably the most exciting time of the year for fashion enthusiasts. Beginning on Feb. 19, it could be the perfect Valentine’s day surprise for your loved one if she is into the latest styles.