Fuel increase 2022: Whats the impact on my motorhome trip?

fuel price increase

Across the UK and Europe, the price of fuel, diesel and petrol, continues to rise. Why are fuel prices rising? What impact will this fuel hike have on your motorhome holiday? How can you reduce your diesel consumption in a motorhome, or campervan? In this article, we answer your questions!

Why are fuel prices rising?

Several factors explain the increase in prices for several weeks.

  1. The war in Ukraine
    It is in particular the price of diesel, fuel for almost all motorhomes, which is the most impacted. A large quantity of diesel used in the UK being imported from Russia (a quarter in 2020), the threat of an embargo has had a direct consequence on fuel prices in general.
  2. The recovery of the post-covid economy
    Industry and productions are resuming their courses, people are moving more now that the pandemic is slowing down... So there is an increase in demand which results in an increase in prices.
  3. The change in other currency rates against the dollar
    The price of a barrel is indexed in dollars, so the value of the pound against the American currency influences the final price in the UK. This factor is also a direct consequence of the first two points.
    More technical causes such as taxation or the purchase price of suppliers also influence this increase. If you want to understand this better, we recommend you read further with specialized articles on the subject.

If you are wondering if we can hope for lower fuel prices, the experts are unanimous: the situation is likely to persist and we have no way of knowing when prices will return to normal. So concretely, what does this mean for my next holiday in a motorhome or camper van?

What impact will the fuel hike have on my motorhome holiday?

The advantage of the leisure vehicle is to be able to control all the other aspects of your getaway: food, accommodation and activities! Also, to compensate for the increase in the price of fuel in motorhomes, a simple solution exists: don't travel as far. There is bound to be a worthwhile destination near you that you have never thought of and for which you will not need to drive hundreds of miles on the highway. It may seem restrictive but we are lucky to live in a magnificent country so take advantage of it!

You can also reduce your fuel consumption in a motorhome with many tips during your trip.

How can I reduce my diesel consumption in a motorhome?

By changing your driving habits or adopting new reflexes, you can reduce your bill by tens or even hundreds of pounds!

All the tips have been brought together to reduce diesel consumption in a motorhome.


For your next vacation, choose simplicity and relaxation! Hire a motorhome or campervan on Yescapa and take the time to appreciate the beauty of staycation destinations while controlling your budget: the perfect compromise for a stress-free getaway.

Felicia H

Felicia H

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