Visiting Bruges in a Campervan


Discovering Bruges in a Campervan

Day 1: Exploring the heart of Bruges

To start your stay on the right foot, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this Belgian city by exploring its historic centre. Begin at the Markt, the famous Market Square, where you can have lunch at one of the many restaurants or cafes lined with beautiful colourful facades. Then, climb to the top of the Belfry of Bruges for a breathtaking view, where red-tiled roofs stretch to the horizon.

Continue your exploration at the Bourg Square, where the Bruges City Hall stands, a Gothic gem dating back to the 15th century. Next door, the Basilica of the Holy Blood houses a fascinating relic that will surely pique your curiosity. Wander along the Quai du Rosaire, marvel at the reflection of ancient churches in the tranquil canal waters and breathe in history around every street corner.

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Day 2: Strolling through Bruges’ canals

A canal cruise is a must-do experience when visiting Bruges by campervan. This 30-minute tour will offer unique views, where every bridge and façade tells a different story.

After the cruise, head to Minnewater, the Lake of Love, for a peaceful walk among the elegant swans and weeping willows lining its shores. Then, immerse yourself in the greenery of Queen Astrid Park, contrasting with the surrounding medieval architecture.

Continue your exploration at St. Salvator's Cathedral, nestled in a bustling shopping street. Discover its artworks and Gothic decorations. End this day full of discoveries at the Bruges Historium, an interactive museum that will plunge you into the city’s golden age through immersive scenes and a virtual reality experience.

Day 3: From culture to relaxation

On the morning of your third day in Bruges, start with a visit to the Beguinage, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Walking through these quiet streets, lined with small white houses surrounded by gardens, offers a moment of peace and quiet, away from the daily hustle and bustle.

Next, delve into Bruges’ fascinating history at the Groeninge Museum, home to major works of Belgian art. Be prepared to be transported through the ages and experience captivating emotions! You can also explore the Saint-Jean Hospital and the Gruuthuse Museum for an even deeper dive into the city’s history.

To end your stay on a high note, don’t miss the local delicacies: fries at the Potato Bar, Belgian chocolate at Choco-Story and craft beers at the De Halve Maan brewery. Each tasting will allow you to discover a bit more of Bruges’ rich gastronomic heritage.

Aerial view of the Belfry of Bruges
Aerial view of the Belfry of Bruges

Top Places to Visit in a Campervan from Bruges


Located an hour’s drive away from Bruges, Ghent is a dynamic city with a rich history. Explore its Castle of the Counts, a medieval fortress that will immerse you in the region’s past. Stroll along its canals for unique views of the city and visit St. Bavo's Cathedral to admire the famous Ghent Altarpiece of the Mystic Lamb, by the Van Eyck brothers. Wander through the arts district, where street artists and musicians bring the pavements to life, and discover numerous cafes and restaurants offering delicious local cuisine and craft beers. This city blends modernity with medieval traditions, making it an ideal getaway from Bruges by campervan.

For more on Ghent’s must-see attractions, check out our dedicated article here!


Blankenberge, only a half-hour drive from Bruges by campervan, is a perfect seaside resort for a day by the sea. Enjoy its fine sandy beaches for sunbathing or swimming in the North Sea. Don’t miss the Sea Life Marine Park to discover local marine life and the Serpentarium amusement park with its various reptiles. For water sport enthusiasts, Blankenberge offers sailing, kitesurfing and paddleboarding. Stroll along the pier for a panoramic view of the coast or explore the city centre with its shops, cafes, and restaurants.


Ostend, just 30 minutes from Bruges by campervan, is a vibrant coastal city. Discover modern Belgian art and maritime history at the Sea Museum (Mu.ZEE). Walk along the Albert promenade for magnificent views of the beach and sea, and explore Napoleon’s Fort as well as the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul with its impressive stained glass windows. Try some fresh seafood in local restaurants and discover the "The Crystal Ship" art trail throughout the city, before enjoying a cultural performance at the Kursaal.

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van facing a tree reflecting the sun rising behind it
A journey through the counties of Bruges

Parking and Spending the Night in Bruges in a Campervan

Parking in town

In the city centre, campervans and motorhomes can park freely as long as they respect authorised zones. But let’s be honest, finding a spot in the centre can be like playing a giant game of Tetris! Outside the city centre, there are lots more parking options. You can park anywhere as long as you follow local rules.

To avoid headaches and fully enjoy your stay, prioritise motorhome parks and campsites specifically designed to accommodate leisure vehicles. These spots offer all the necessary comfort: water, electricity and wastewater disposal. With public transport nearby, visiting Bruges by campervan becomes a breeze.

Motorhome parks and Parking Areas

Kanaaleiland Parking:

The Kanaaleiland parking area, on the banks of the Bargeweg canal, offers 57 spots just a five-minute walk from the city centre. It’s the ideal place to set up your base camp and explore Bruges at your own pace. Enjoy the tranquillity of the canal while being just a stone's throw away from the city's historical treasures and gastronomic delights.

Price: €25/night off-season - €30/night high season

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Professor Dokter J. Sebrechtsstraat:

You can park your campervan along the sidewalk on this quiet but well-located street. Although the ground is not flat and wedges aren’t allowed, you’ll be only 1 minute and a half away from the first attractions and 5 minutes away from the city centre! This is the ideal option for those seeking convenience, offering quick and secure access to Bruges’ cultural and architectural treasures.

Price: 60 min = €2.50 / 120 min = €6 / 180 min = €10.50

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Blankenberge - Zeebruggelaan:

A charming area with all necessary facilities, just a 20-minute walk from the sea. After a day of discoveries in Bruges’ cobbled streets, treat yourself to this peaceful haven in Blankenberge. Enjoy modern facilities and the close proximity to the beach for a well-deserved coastal escape, perfect for recharging your batteries!

Price: €25

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Camperterrein Beernem:

A quiet parking area with full services to cool off after a day of exploration. Nestled in a peaceful setting in Beernem, this parking offers all necessary services to make your stay pleasant after a busy day discovering Belgium’s treasures. Enjoy nature’s peace and quiet while benefiting from optimal comfort.

Price: €10 / 24h

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Camping Memling:

Located in a quiet forest close to Bruges, this campsite offers modern facilities and quality WiFi. Ideal for travellers seeking nature and comfort near Bruges’ bustling centre!

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Camping Duinezwin:

Surrounded by dunes and a few steps from Cadzand beach, Camping Duinezwin is perfect for nature lovers and beachgoers. With all necessary amenities for a relaxing seaside stay, it’s the perfect spot just 30 minutes from Bruges.

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Minicamping 't Veld:

This little piece of paradise in the heart of the Belgian countryside, just 30 minutes from Bruges, invites you into a friendly and warm atmosphere. Enjoy absolute tranquillity while having access to simple but comfortable facilities, ensuring an authentic and refreshing camping experience.

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Holiday Village Knokke:

Nestled in a green setting near the coast, Holiday Village Knokke offers a luxury camping experience with modern accommodations and a variety of leisure activities. Relax in this peaceful setting just steps from the sandy beaches and only 30 minutes from Bruges by campervan!

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Wild Camping

For the more adventurous, wild camping is an option to consider, provided you respect local laws and camp only in authorized places. Sites like Park4night and Camper Contact help find where to park and sleep. These platforms offer a wealth of information on the best places to spend the night safely and in compliance with local regulations. Perfect for travellers who love exploring off the beaten path while staying within the rules!

Two vans discreetly parked in the bushes
The joys of wild camping: just you and nature

Driving in Belgium

In Belgium, traffic rules are similar to those in France but with a few specifics to take note of. For a smooth campervan trip, it’s recommended to always have on board a fire extinguisher, a warning triangle, a high-visibility vest and a first aid kit. Speed limits range from 20 km/h in residential areas to 120 km/h on motorways.

Good news for travellers: there are no tolls on Belgian motorways. However, some cities like Antwerp, Gand and Brussels have established Low Emission Zones (LEZ). Before venturing into these areas, ensure your vehicle is registered to avoid fines. If you have rented your campervan, check with the owner to ensure it complies!

Visiting Bruges by campervan is a unique and enriching experience. Whether you’re a history buff, a laid-back traveller or a true foodie, this Belgian city has something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your itinerary, rent a motorhome in Belgium on Yescapa, and set off to discover the wonders of Bruges in complete freedom!

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