5 exotic french destinations for road trips

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Holidays are over but you still dream about a change of scenery ?Here is a selection of 5 french landscapes that will blow your mind while driving your motorhome. They will make you feel like traveling across the world without leaving the “land of the Franks”.  

1/ An air of Sahara… the Dune of Pilat (Gironde)

Located in the south of the Arcachon Bay at la Teste de Buch (33), you will only have to climb the tallest sand dune in Europe to enjoy a wonderful scenery ! The sunset is not to be missed.

2/ An air of Colorado… the Ocres de Rustrel (Vaucluse)

Also called the Colorado Provençal, this region of Vaucluse is aptly named. Indeed, these unusual landscapes made of ochre sands remind us of this american state .

3/ An air of Germany… in Kaysersberg (Alsace)

The town of Kaysersberg in Haut-Rhin, is well known for its Christmas market and its many half-timbered houses particular to the Alsace region.

4/ An air of Canada… the Lac de Lispach (Vosges)

Located in La Bresse in the Vosges, this lake looks a lot like sceneries from the land of the maple syrup. You can go around it in less than an hour and discover a nice 3 kilometers walk.

5/ An air of Japan… The Gardens of Ly (Somme)

Travel to Senarpont in the Somme region, and dive into 12 000 m² of japanese inspiration. You will feel like you have traveled across the world, without the jet-lag 

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