Guide to a motorhome ski holiday in France


Whether you're a first-timer or an accomplished skier, France is the ultimate winter wonderland for all things skiing. Imagine hitting the slopes in a motorhome with your family or friends, and making your winter escapade an unforgettable adventure!

From the iconic peaks of the Pyrenees and the Alps to the pristine slopes of the Jura, the Vosges and the Massif Central, our handpicked selection of motorhome-friendly ski resorts has just what you’re looking for. Get ready to uncover the “crème de la crème” of the best places to ski in France and pick up a few tips on the best way to plan your holiday along the way. Let’s dive in!

The best ski resorts in a motorhome or a campervan

Ski holiday in France: travelling to the Pyrenees in a campervan


It’s time to set off for your motorhome skiing holiday in the French Pyrenees. Whether you prefer the Hautes Pyrénées, Pyrénées Atlantiques, Pyrénées Orientales or Ariège, the choice is entirely yours! These charming destinations are tailor-made for families, offering a wide range of activities to suit every taste. From skiing and snowboarding to snowshoeing and dog-sledding, ski resorts in the Pyrenees have it all, ensuring an unforgettable snow-filled holiday. And if skiing isn't your cup of cocoa, you can also spend your time pampering yourself at one of the many spas in the region to fully enjoy your ski holidays in France.

Motorhome-friendly ski resorts in the Pyrenees

Grand Tourmalet

Welcome to the Grand Tourmalet! This skier's paradise boasts a 100 km-long ski area with 68 runs and a peak of 2,500 metres, making it one of the highest ski resorts. But what really sets it apart is that it's two resorts in one, offering two unique atmospheres within one spectacular location. On one side, you'll find the charming village of Barèges, exuding an authentic and timeless allure. On the other, you have La Mongie, nestled right at the bottom of the slopes, where modernity meets mountain adventure.

Where can I spend the night?



For a family-friendly setting, hit the road in your motorhome towards Gourette. This 2.0 winter wonderland, packed with an array of brand-new facilities, is no ordinary ski resort. At Gourette, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to skiing, snow, mountains and sunshine… It’s a holiday destination where boredom simply doesn’t stand a chance!

With its south-facing orientation, you can be sure to have plenty of sunshine and warmth. So don't forget to pack your suncream and get ready for a vacation that'll leave you basking in pure delight!

Where can I spend the night?


Ax 3 Domaines

Looking for a complete change of scenery? Buckle up and get ready for a journey to Ax 3 Domaines! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled because this resort, nestled at altitudes ranging from 1400 to 2400 metres, has some exceptional views to offer.

Remember to bring your swimwear so you can take full advantage of the thermal baths nearby. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, you’re just a stone’s throw away from Spain. So, why not take the opportunity to go for a stroll?

Where can I spend the night?


Ski holidays in France: travelling to the Alps in a motorhome


Snow-capped peaks, mountains stretching as far as the eye can see, a selfie in front of the Mont Blanc... Can you picture it? It's time to rev up your engine and hit the slopes in the stunning Alps, all from the comfort of your trusty motorhome! Whether you're a seasoned skier, a snowboard enthusiast or a novice eager to experience the thrill of gliding down majestic slopes, the Alps are just waiting to make your snow-filled dreams a reality. From quaint mountain villages to bustling resort towns, they serve as the perfect backdrop for your adventure. So, unleash your inner explorer and create stories that will resonate for years to come.

Motorhome-friendly ski resorts in the Southern Alps

Pra Loup

Pra Loup, a gem nestled in the Southern Alps near Barcelonnette, stands tall as one of the largest and highest ski resorts in the region. But what truly sets this haven apart is its family-friendly charm, featuring its Kid Rider and the "P'tits Loups" itinerary (a trail for 8 to 12 year-olds).

Convenience is the name of the game here, with a free motorhome and campervan parking area as well as a free shuttle service for easy access to the slopes. And if that’s not enough, you’ll be treated to an incredible view of Barcelonnette, a charming little town in the heart of the mountains.

Where can I spend the night?


Val d'Allos

In the heart of the Mercantour National Park, Val d'Allos is a traditional mountain village boasting not one, but two exceptional ski resorts. Its commitment to family-friendly policies has earned it the "Famille Plus Montagne" label, making it a true playground for families and children alike!

Both ski resorts, Val d'Allos-La Foux and Val d'Allos-Le Seignus, guarantee a perfect skiing experience for everyone. And guess what? The campervan parking area, located in the village, is the perfect base right next to the ski slopes.

Where can I spend the night?



The Serre Chevalier Valley is one of the best-known resorts in the Southern Alps. Lovers of the great outdoors, this is the place to be! This picturesque valley is home to four vibrant communes, including Briançon. Briançon, a town steeped in history and culture, has proudly earned the prestigious title of "Ville d'Art et d'Histoire" ("Town of Art and History"), a true testament to its rich heritage and architectural wonders. In fact, its Vauban fortifications are even a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Open all year round, the motorhome parking area is just a few minutes from the ski lifts in Fréjus, ensuring you're always within easy reach of your alpine adventure. All that’s left to do is pack your gear and set off!

Where can I spend the night?


Ski holidays in France: travelling to the Jura, Vosges and Massif Central in a campervan


As we dive deeper into motorhome ski adventures, you'll be delighted to discover that the Jura, the Vosges and the Massif Central offer a treasure trove of winter wonderlands. These regions, nestled in the heart of France, are home to some of the most charming and motorhome-friendly ski resorts in the country. Whether you're chasing the thrill of Les Rousses in the Jura, the alpine allure of Gérardmer in the Vosges or the all-encompassing excitement of Besse Super-Besse in the Massif Central, you're in for an unforgettable journey.

Motorhome-friendly ski resorts in the area

The Jura : Les Rousses

A must-see in the region, Les Rousses ski resort is made up of 4 villages: Les Rousses, Lamoura, Prémanon and Bois d'Amont. What sets this alpine haven apart is its status as the first French resort to earn the prestigious "Flocon Vert" label, a cutting-edge label for sustainable mountain tourism destinations. Nestled within the heart of nature, this resort offers top-notch facilities and is a welcoming sanctuary for motorhomes, ensuring an experience that's as eco-friendly as it is exhilarating!

Spending the night in Bois d’Amont

Spending the night in Lamoura

Spending the night in Les Rousses

The Vosges: Gérardmer

Nestled in the Hautes-Vosges region, this charming little town is a true winter sports paradise. Boasting a wide range of facilities, it's a dream come true for both downhill daredevils and cross-country explorers. But here’s the cherry on top - Gérardmer warmly embraces motorhome enthusiasts, offering two dedicated parking areas for their convenience. One sits right at the heart of the town, while the other is tucked away within the resort, making your alpine adventure as accessible and thrilling as it gets.

Where can I spend the night?


The Massif Central: Besse Super-Besse

In the heart of the Auvergne Volcanoes’ Regional Natural Park, Besse Super-Besse has something for everyone! On the one side, there's Besse, a city from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, adorned with architectural treasures and a history that's as vibrant as its year-round festivities. Then, on the other, there's Super-Besse, a resort offering a kaleidoscope of ski runs to suit every skill level. For all the adventure-seeking families, this resort proudly wears the "Famille Plus Montagne" label and goes the extra mile by providing a dedicated motorhome park. A holiday destination that checks all the boxes!

Where can I spend the night?

Things to do before you leave: tips for a ski holiday in a motorhome


So have you picked the ski resort where you're going to spend your holiday? Now, let's gear up for an exhilarating and safe ski trip in a motorhome. Here are a few tips and advice to ensure a hassle-free experience!

Snow-tyre check
First things first, when you're renting a motorhome for a ski holiday, ensure it comes equipped with snow tyres. These are compulsory for driving in the mountains in France.

Weather watch
Always stay one step ahead by keeping an eye on the weather forecast. If heavy snow is in the cards, be sure to pack a trusty windscreen scraper and a reliable snow shovel – your best allies when winter strikes.

Snow-ready road skills
In the event of snow, here are some essential safety pointers to travel with peace of mind. Increase your safety distance and make sure you are highly visible. Remember, fog lights are your green light for driving in the mountains. To avoid any unexpected slip and slide, accelerate gently and avoid overtaking slower vehicles.

Filling up with gas
If your motorhome relies on gas for heating, it's vital to have your gas tank filled up before setting off. For those planning an extended stay, don't forget to map out gas stations on your route to stay cosy throughout your journey.

Ready to embark on your very own ski adventure? Hire a motorhome or a campervan on Yescapa to unlock the thrill of hitting the slopes and immersing yourself in the crisp mountain air. Don't just dream it, live it!

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