The best motorhome road trips in Germany

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Enchanting castles perched on spectacular rocks, dark forests bursting with folklore, vineyards as far as the eye can see, historic towns and stunning routes... If you're planning your motorhome trip to Germany, look no further. 

Naturally conceived to be explored behind the wheel, visiting Germany in a motorhome is a real treat. Looking for inspiration? Here are some of the best road trips you can take to discover the country's rich and varied territory.

Road trip in Germany: The Rhine Valley Road 

Camperurlaub im Rheintal

With its rugged riverbanks lined with pretty half-timbered houses and topped with mediaeval castles, it's no surprise that the Rhine Valley Road is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Running along the Rhine River between Bingen and Koblenz for 65 kilometres, this road trip in Germany is breathtakingly beautiful.

Considered one of the most scenic regions to visit in Germany, the Rhine Valley Road meanders through rolling landscapes, dotted with vineyards, forests and charming villages that are often crowned with castles.

This route is a must for those who want to visit Germany in a motorhome and discover the country's authenticity. 

Along the way, you can stop at the ruins of the Rheinfels Castle in St Goar, characterised by the Lorelei Rocks which emerge from the Rhine. You'll pass through traditional villages before reaching the mediaeval village of Braubach, bordered with vineyards and dominated by the Marksburg Castle. Without a doubt, one of the highlights of this trip! 

Don't miss the picturesque villages which line the route, including Bingen and Rüdesheim which is known as the home of Riesling winemaking. 

Visit Germany in a motorhome and experience the Rhine Route’s full potential!

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Road trip in Germany : The German Volcano Route

Volcanoes aren't the first thing that come to mind when you think of Germany? A motorhome trip along Germany’s volcano trail might just change your mind! 

The Volcano Route, which connects the Rhine River to the Eifel Mountains, reflects the country's volcanic past and passes through nearly 350 eruption sites and other monuments from an explosive era.

In addition to the impressive volcanic crater, shimmering lakes, lava flows, mineral springs, geysers and other wonders, you'll also find a few cosy towns along the way. A perfect stopover to recharge your batteries after a full day of exploring!

In the breathtaking Eifel region, you'll drive past several dormant volcanoes in a landscape carved out of lava, including Lake Laach and the Andernach geyser. Don't miss Trier Cathedral as well as the remains of the Emperor's Palace and its Roman walls.

Whether you are a geology enthusiast or not, this wildly beautiful road trip has many facets that will fascinate you. 

Jump into a motorhome and discover the rich geological history of the Volcano Route over a 280 kilometre stretch!

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Road trip in Germany: The German Alpine Road

Deutsche Alpen mit Wohnmobil

Located in southern Germany, the German Alpine Road is the country's oldest tourist route, covering a total of 450 kilometres. From Lake Constance in Lindau to Lake Königssee near Berchtesgaden, the route winds its way along the Austrian border through Bavaria’s natural and alpine landscape.  

Crystal-clear lakes, rugged mountains, green valleys, sun-kissed alpine meadows and picturesque towns: this route is full of treasures to explore on your motorhome road trip. 

In Upper Bavaria, climb to the top of the Zugspitze, admire Linderhof Palace and enjoy a swim in the beautiful Eibsee before exploring countless Baroque churches and monasteries, such as the Wies Church. 

The German Alpine Road is the perfect route for nature lovers and thrill-seekers. Water sports, cycling, hiking, climbing and winter sports are all on the agenda!

You will be charmed by this natural and elegant environment as you travel through Germany in your motorhome. 

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Road trip in Germany: The German Avenue Road

From Rügen to Lake Constance, the German Avenue Road truly illustrates the great diversity of this small country. Stretching over 1060 kilometres, the route follows the Harz Mountains and central Germany's country roads through the breathtaking landscapes of Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony.

Towering chestnut trees, majestic beech trees and colourful maples overlook avenues flanked with mountains, valleys, ancient forests and glistening rivers... There is truly something for everyone on this trip!

Some of the highlights include strolling through the streets of Quedlinburg and Goslar. Take a steam train to the top of the mountain, which offers one of the best panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, before enjoying the evening relaxing in the motorhome. 

Explore Bach's birthplace and delve into the history of the cultural towns of Erfurt, Weimar, Dresden and Leipzig. Don't forget to stop at the amazing Wartburg Castle, which is made of over 4,000 tons of sandstone.

A perfect motorhome trip through Germany for nature lovers looking for authenticity! 

Travel back in time and adventure along the German Avenue Road for a variety of natural and cultural treasures.

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Road trip in Germany: The Wine Road

Deutsche Weinstraße

In the heart of Germany's largest woodland area, the German Wine Road is only 85 km long, yet it is teeming with history, culture, stunning scenery and, not least, vast stretches of vineyards. Meandering through the beautiful Palatinate region, the route runs from Bockenheim in the north to Schweigen-Rechtenbach in the south. 

Food and wine lovers, this route is made for you... Prost!

Dotted with pine forests, rolling vineyards, half-timbered castles and charming villages draped in wisteria, your motorhome trip will mostly be punctuated with vineyard visits, excellent wine tasting, delicious Rhineland-Palatinate cuisine and picturesque towns with cobbled streets that are an invitation to wander. 

Don't miss the Western part of the route which runs through the rolling Palatinate Forest, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Often referred to as the "German Tuscany" because of its mild climate, you'll be amazed by the abundance of almonds, figs, lemons and kiwis along the way. One thing is for sure, you won't know where to turn! The extensive wine route is a dream destination for a motorhome road trip. 

If you're visiting Germany in a motorhome, take a trip along the Wine Road and enjoy breathtaking views from villages overlooking the vineyards (with a glass of Riesling in your hand!)

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Road trip in Germany: The Castle Road

If one castle isn't enough, why not try a whole route of them? The Castle Road is an ideal destination if you're planning a road trip through Germany in a motorhome.

Wind your way through 1,200 kilometres of mediaeval scenery steeped in culture and explore over 1,000 years of history on an unforgettable journey. Starting in Mannheim, this route travels through Bavaria before ending in Prague in the Czech Republic.

The Castle Road is like a pearl necklace, linking as many as 70 castles, palaces and majestic royal residences from different eras. It is endowed with idyllic valleys, rock formations, dreamy hamlets and quaint mediaeval villages that provide a different face of the country at every turn. 

Discover picturesque villages with their own imposing castles such as Heidelberg, Nuremberg, Coburg and Bayreuth. The castles in Mannheim, Hornberg, Waldenburg and Colmberg are among the must-sees.

To mark your motorhome trip through Germany, venture out along the Castle Road and discover natural landscapes, villages frozen in time as well as mediaeval structures bursting with history!

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Road trip in Germany: The German Fairy Tale Route

Kassel auf der deutschen Märchenstraße

Have you ever dreamed of discovering the places you saw in fairy tales as a child, such as the woods in Little Red Riding Hood or the dwarves' cottage in Snow White? 

Stretching over 600 km through the beautiful German countryside, the Fairy Tale Route follows in the footsteps of the Grimm brothers and connects over 60 fairytale landmarks between the central town of Hanau and the northern city of Bremen. 

Mediaeval villages with narrow cobbled streets, half-timbered cottages, romantic castles wrapped in ivy and deep forests where you can still picture princes, witches and dwarfs... Awaken your inner child and experience the magic of fairy tales with this motorhome trip through Germany, which will take you back to the whimsical days of gingerbread houses and Bavarian villages!

Apart from the touch of magic, the Fairy Tale Route is an ode to nature and authentic landscapes. 

Don't miss Sleeping Beauty's castle in Sababurg, Rapunzel's castle in Trendelenburg, Snow White's town Bad Wildungen or even the town of Steinau where the Grimm brothers grew up.

With more than 20 castles, the Fairy Tale Route is the perfect motorhome trip for history buffs and magic fairy tale lovers.

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Road trip in Germany: The Romantic Road 

Schloss Neuschwanstein

Nestled among green meadows and majestic castles, the Romantic Road meanders through some of Germany's most picturesque landscapes. 

Covering a distance of 350 kilometres, it runs through 28 points of interest from the Main to the Alps, Franconia, Upper Bavaria and Bavarian Swabia.

Travelling along these winding roads is like experiencing a sentimental landscape: flowers gleam from balconies, undulating vineyards bask in the sun, surrounding lakes reflect the Alps and the Rhine Valley landscapes weave between castle-capped cliffs.

Stroll through the town of Würzburg and its UNESCO World Heritage Site, before exploring the town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber and its maze of romantic cobblestone streets. The brightly coloured houses bordering the cobblestone streets and mediaeval city walls exude romance. Continue your journey to Augsburg, one of Germany's oldest villages, and finish in style at Neuschwanstein and Füssen Castle. 

Off the beaten track, this motorhome trip in Germany is a real must if you want to take your time and enjoy the unique beauty of each village.

Motorhoming in Germany: driving regulations you need to know

In Germany, you drive on the right side of the road. And no, we don’t mean the correct side…! Apart from that, traffic regulations are more or less the same as in the UK, and this also applies to motorhomes. 

Remember to have the following documents at hand:

Driving licence  Vehicle insurance  Vehicle registration document Passport

The following equipment is also mandatory:

Reflective vest  First aid kit Headlight deflectors  Warning triangle in case of an accident

Motorhoming in Germany: the Autobahn

Autobahn in Germany

An Autobahn is Germany’s equivalent of a motorway and most of them don't have speed limits. You can go as fast as safety allows. However, there are areas where speed limits are now applied: you'll see the speed signs on the side of the road. 

The speed limits are as follows: 

No speed limit unless otherwise stated, but the recommended maximum speed is 130 km/h on motorways (Autobahns) 130 km/h on two-lane roads (recommended maximum speed) 100 km/h outside urban areas 50 km/h in urban areas

Motorhoming in Germany : the Unwelt Zones

Good news, German motorways are totally free (for now!), and this includes motorhomes. In Germany, tolls don't apply to vehicles under 2.5 tons. 

However, some cities have low emission zones: Unwelt Zones. To be allowed to drive in these zones and explore every corner of Germany, vehicles need an environmental sticker which costs between 5€ and 10€. The colour of the sticker determines where you can venture with your motorhome!

Motorhoming in Germany: where to spend the night? 


In Germany, a Stellplatz is a motorhome and campervan parking for overnight stops. The main purpose of a Stellplatz is to provide a place to sleep, so not all of them offer a service area.

They are often free of charge and will cost much less than a campsite. Only extra services, such as showers and electricity, are usually charged.

Remember to follow common rules of courtesy regarding noise, rubbish, etc. Many areas only allow you to park for a minimum period. If there are no signposts, we recommend not staying more than 2 or 3 nights.

There are more than 3,600 Stellplätze, so chances are there is one for each of your stopovers.


A good alternative to Stellplätze are Autohöfe, which are large resting areas. They aren’t directly accessible from the motorway but they are signposted and often a few minutes away from an exit.

Autohöfe are open 24 hours a day and allow motorhomes to stay overnight. More and more of them also provide sanitary facilities and electricity. These resting areas charge a parking fee for motorhomes, but this is often refunded when you buy something in their shop, restaurant or service station.

For a relaxing trip : campsites

There are some wonderful campsites in Germany that vary in quality and price. Some have excellent facilities such as swimming pools, lakeside beaches, water sports, entertainment, restaurants, shops, etc. The best part is they usually have suitable spaces for motorhomes. 

Awnings, garden tables and chairs are of course allowed for added comfort! If you want to have a relaxing holiday while staying in your motorhome, this may be the best option for you. 

Full freedom: wild camping

Overnight parking in a motorhome is allowed in Germany. However, it’s important to remember the difference between parking and camping. Camping isn’t allowed in Germany, so you can't put up your tent, garden furniture, parasol or awning extension. 

In the heart of nature: Landvergnügen

Landvergnügen is a camping guide to get off the beaten track and discover more than 1,100 idyllic places in the heart of nature. Perfect for those who want to stay overnight on farms or wineries rather than camping sites. If you like to visit vineyards, farms or local markets, look no further!

For wine lovers: WinzerAtlas

WinzerAtlas is a similar concept for wine lovers. Presented as a programme for connoisseurs, WinzerAtlas covers over 200 winegrowers and taverns in the German, Austrian and Alsace wine regions.

If our selection of the best road trips has inspired  syou to set off on an adventure, all that's left to do is hire a motorhome in Germany and experience its roads at your own pace.

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