Discovering Germany by campervan

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Germany probably is not the first country, coming to your mind when thinking about the perfect campervan tour … until now! In this article we will show you why Germany is more than cold weather, Berlin and highways and in fact a great choice to travel by motorhome.

Mysterious, impressive and fascinating, this Germanic country is a veritable gold mine for travelling by campervan. Everybody knows about Berlin, its rich history and dynamic culture, but Germany has a lot more to offer.  The whole country, with its natural landscapes of lakes and mountains, beautiful villages and fairy-tale castle is a pleasure to discover through beautiful campervan routes in Germany. From Bavaria to the Black Forest and the fascinating cities of Hamburg and Munich: Join us on a campervan tour to discover the many facets of Germany. A bonus for campervan enthusiasts are the numerous parking lots in the heart of nature. As camping and vanlife is very popular there, you will not struggle to find a place to stay at night and will enjoy many places of free motorhome camping in Germany.

Germany by campervan: The journey begins in Munich

Travel Munich by campervan

In case you start your trip in spring, when the temperature rises and the smell of flowers is everywhere, Munich is the ideal starting point for campervan rentals in Germany. Enjoy the city on a bike ride and discover the cosmopolitan city with its rich culture. Attention though: The culture and language of Munich differs significantly from the rest of Germany. If you normally know a couple of words in German, don’t be frustrated if you don’t understand a word Munich people talk. (Even Germans often do not understand…)

Munich is not only a great campervan travel destination in spring and summer, but also worth a visit in autumn. That is especially due to the famous Oktoberfest which attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. If you are a beer lover and want to discover Bavarian culture, this festive event will become an unforgettable memory.

Whatever the season, Munich is a beautiful city with plenty of sights and buildings to see. The beating heart is located at the Marienplatz, the place of many popular gatherings such as a beautiful Christmas Market. On this square you can see the city's most symbolic monuments such as the Old and New Town Hall, the Column of the Virgin Mary and St. Peter's Church.

Bavaria by motorhome

Campervan routes Germany: Berchtesgaden

Konigssee in Germany

Lovers of mountainous landscapes should take their campervan and make a detour to southern Bavaria. Berchtesgaden, the name of the national park and a municipality in the Bavarian Alps, is known as a top destination for skiing but also for its thermal springs. The village, which is entirely surrounded by mountains, has a very old historic centre with a charming decorated houses.

Even further south, you should not miss the region's national park with its idyllic landscape and the beautiful Königgssee.

Continue your German campervan tour by taking be one of the most beautiful mountain roads in Europe: The German Alpine Road is a must on your journey. Celebrate the freedom of traveling with a motorhome by enjoying the view of this spectacular road.

Bavaria and its fairy-tale atmosphere

Castle Neuschwanstein in Germany

Touring Germany in a campervan must comprise to visit Bavaria, home of numerous fairy-tale castles. Herrenchiemsee Palace, located on the island of Chiemsee Lake, is a small Versailles castle with a breathtaking view of the Alps, while Linderhof Palace, in typical 18th century Bavarian rococo style, has a magnificent park to offer. There is also the Palace of the Nymph, the summer residence of the former Bavarian kings, or the Mespelbrunn Palace, less impressive but magnificent at sunset.

If you drive along the German Alpine road by motorhome, you will arrive at Neuschwanstein Castle, which inspired Walt Disney to build the castle of Sleeping Beauty. Perched on a rocky promontory in the heart of nature, it seems completely out of time. We strongly recommend that you make use of the possibility of a guide, in order to learn about its history. Remember though to book in advance! Not far from Neuschwanstein Castle, Füssen is also worth a visit and if you are a cyclist or hiker, you will certainly enjoy the surroundings.

Rothenbourg by campervan

Romantic roads in Germany to discover by motorhome

But Neuschwanstein is not the only remarkable treasure. The Romantic Route will take you on a journey of discovery through the small wonders of German heritage between Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Recommended visits include the medieval villages of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Dinkelsbühl, Harburg Castle, Wies Church, Marienberg Fortress and the beautiful (and excellent) vineyards surrounding it.

Black Forest holidays by campervan

Campervan routes Black Forest

The Black Forest is one of the most popular and fascinating places in Germany. Situated in the south-eastern region between the Rhine and the Nagold valley, it is perfect for a campervan trip in Germany lasting a few days. This region offers many amazing campervan routes. One of the best ways to discover the breathtaking scenery of this region is to take the Black Forest Ridge Route. This scenic route stretches for 65 km between the beautiful spa towns of Baden-Baden and Freudenstadt. Numerous natural sights, panoramic views and exciting culture await you on this German motorhome route.

Black Forest by motorhome

Of course, the programme of your stay will depend on the time of the year of your visit. In winter, skiing, snowshoe walks and white landscapes are the must-dos, while on sunny days, hiking trails and green want to be discovered. Golf enthusiasts will be able to practice their passion on about twenty different courses in a magnificent natural setting. Lake Titisee offers you the opportunity to practise water sports such as sailing or pedal boating, but if you prefer a more relaxing activity, don't leave without enjoying the virtues of the region's thermal springs. There are many thermal spas in the area, just make your choice! During you rblack forest holiday in Germany with your own campervan, why not take a break and give yourself a treat by a relaxing massage? Finally, the Hohenzollern Castle will delight history lovers and the typical Hexenloch mill is also worth a visit.

Sasbachwalden and the surrounding area are another must on your trip. This typical town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its half-timbered houses. The ruins of Neu-Windeck Castle, Lake Mummel or the Gaishöll waterfalls in the vicinity are excellent excursions.

To round off your trip, don't miss out on the culinary specialities. Try the smoked Black Forest ham, the famous cake of the same name and excellent wines. If you are interested in winemaking, visit the cellars in summer or autumn, as there are many popular wine festivals taking place during this time of the year. For more authenticity, you should also discover how cuckoo clocks are made and listen to the legends that live in the Black Forest, because after all: Touring Germany in a campervan does not only entail enjoying beautiful nature and cities, but also to get to know the German culture!

Campervan trip to Germany: Which cities to visit

A campervan trip to Cologne

Campervan trip to Cologne

The next destination on our motorhome tour in Germany is Cologne: an old but vibrant city! The two towers of the Cathedral are so high and imposing that they can be seen from every corner of the city. Gourmets are obliged to stop at the Chocolate Museum, but artists will be more attracted by the Ludwig Museum, which has one of the largest collections of Picasso.

Need a break from your city jaunt? Visit the peaceful Königsforst forest for a walk in the heart of nature.

If you feel like it, continue your journey south by campervan to Frankfurt, a very modern city and an international melting pot. Families or anyone wanting to please the inner child in himself, will enjoy a visit to Phantasialand. As one of the most popular amusement parks in Europe, Phantasialand is guaranteed to thrill you! It is only 10 km from Cologne and is easily accessible by motorhome.

Campervan travel in Germany: Visiting versatile Hamburg

Hambourg in Germany

Hamburg is a fascinating city with many facets: romantic, modern, avant-garde, working-class.... Some people call it the "Venice of the North". Although the city is very famous for its port, it is actually more than 100 km to the sea. Amongst the must-sees are the 82-metre high Michaeliskirche bell tower, the shops in the Speicherstadt and the famous Sunday morning Fish Market. When visiting Hamburg, you shouldn't be afraid to get lost in its alternative districts and if you like a festive atmosphere, St. Pauli and the famous Reeperbahn Avenue are for you.

From this city, there are several getaways to choose from. If you are a lover of beautiful stones, take a stroll in Lübeck, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its red brick houses with sometimes surprising architecture, or visit Schwerin Castle. Alternatively, the Wadden Sea National Park in Hamburg offers you the opportunity to discover Germany's little-known landscapes in a campervan. The salt meadows and the North Sea are home to an extraordinary biodiversity that is definitely worth a visit.

Discover Berlin by motorhome

Visit famous Berlin by campervan

This would not be a comprehensive guide, without a mention of Germany’s most well-known city: Berlin. The hype about this metropolis is absolutely justified. The countless tourist attractions offer an unprecedented art and cultural scene but also a rich history.

The symbol of the capital, the Brandenburg Gate, acts as the gateway to the city with its imposing columns. When visiting Berlin, you will find memorable monuments from the Second World War such as the Holocaust Memorial, remains of the Berlin Wall, the East Side Gallery and the famous border crossing Checkpoint Charlie. Today, the city is world-famous for its rebellious and quirky spirit.

If travelling Berlin by campervan, it would be a pity not to visit the surroundings. Especially the many lakes surrounding Berlin are great places to relax when temperatures are rising. The Langer See is ideal for water sports, but the Müggelsee remains the most impressive. Due to its generous size, finding a quiet spot to spend the afternoon shouldn't be too difficult, even in high season.

However, you should be aware that the access to most beaches around Berlin is not free. If you mind spending money on bathing, the Schlachtensee is a good alternative. It offers no facilities, but this little piece of paradise should be more than enough for you.

Two other cities near Berlin are also worth a visit: Dresden, a prominent historical city, and Potsdam, the former residence of the royal family with its castles and remarkable buildings.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, a little-known federal state

Idyllic Rugen in Germany

That's a long and complicated name that you've probably never heard of yet. Still, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern must be included in your motorhome itinerary in Germany as it is the most popular coastal region in the country and the least populated.

If you take a walk along the coast, you will see that the atmosphere of the Belle Epoque is still beautiful and present. The charming seaside resorts with their white sand beaches breathe authenticity. On the island of Rügen, the Jasmund National Park gives you a view of breathtaking nature. Altogether, whatever your idea of a perfect holiday, this region really has everything to offer. A multitude of outdoor activities and water sports, a rich heritage and history as well as an overflowing cultural scene await camper life lovers!

Touring Germany in a campervan: the best national parks in Germany

We have previously discussed several national parks such as the Black Forest or Berchtesgaden Park, but they are far from being the only ones. The 16 national parks and 105 nature parks throughout Germany make the motorhome ideal for a trip to Germany. We have therefore selected three national parks that we hadn't yet mentioned but which are worth a visit.

Saxon Switzerland National Park

Bastei in Germany

Situated near Dresden and on the border of the Czech Republic, this national park is a paradise for hiking and climbing enthusiasts. The landscapes and rock formations appear as if from another world. Many of the paths are suitable for campervans, but if you really want to take in the sights, you'll need to put on your walking shoes! The Malewerg is considered to be the most beautiful hiking trail in Germany and the scenery of this national park has been used in many films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel or Cloud Atlas. The most famous site is the impressive Bastei Bridge, built in the heart of the mountain 200 years ago.

Harz National Park

Harz National Park Germany

In the centre of the country, the Harz National Park is a mountainous massif which adapts to all seasons: Both, skiing and hiking will be perfect ways to spend your day. If you are interested in mystic stories, the Witch Trail hike is for you. If will take you to the Rammelsberg mines and Golstar, while teaching you about medieval myths and legends about the women who haunt these woods. For a picturesque experience, we recommend taking the steam train to the top of the massif, Germany's highest railway station.

The Hunsrück National Park

Hunsrück National Park

If you are planning a motorhome tour in Germany, we recommend to add the Hunsrück National Park to your list. Its wild vegetation and mid-mountain landscapes create a unique atmosphere. Green valleys, marshes, charming lakes and red beech forests make it a perfect playground for sporty and romantic walks. The German Gemstone Route is an original way to discover this little-known region, but you can also admire the local fauna. Wild cats, lynx, black storks and a multitude of other animal species inhabit this nature park. 

Knowing everything there is to know about a campervan trip in Germany, there is no more reason to hesitate! All you have to do is hire a campervan in Germany and explore the diverse German landscape in complete freedom. To find the best service areas and parking places during your stay, make use of applications and sites such as Caramaps or Park4night. We wish a great journey of discovery!

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