A Motorhome Hire to Copenhagen

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Get ready for a motorhome hire to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, and the land of the Little Mermaid! Built on two coastal islands and crisscrossed by canals, Copenhagen is originally a viking fishing village and has developed into a colourful metropolis filled with pristine waterways and beautiful Danish architecture.

Trendy, modern and cosmopolitan, Copenhagen is one of the most friendly capitals of Northern Europe and offers a relaxed atmosphere by the waterside.

Motorhome hire in Copenhagen:

From it’s so-called hipster district and the multicultural hippy and chic neighbourhoods! We have created a road trip route through one of the most pleasant cities in the world.

Copenhagen is certainly not a small capital, but all its key attractions are located within a radius of 2 to 3 kilometers so most can be visited on foot or by bike. On your motorhome rental leave your vehicle in one of the many campsites near Copenhagen and set off to explore the city and visit its surrounding districts.

Indre By, the must-see historic city center

Indre By, translating as “inner city’ is the historic city center of Copenhagen with its beautiful architecture and picturesque streets. This area has the majority of tourist attractions, monuments and museums.

Start your tour at the Tivoli Gardens located opposite the train station, it is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. The 170 year old park is an original mix of modern rides and cultural entertainment. Tivoli Gardens is more than just an amusement park surrounded by trees, it's a historic place with wonderful public garden in the heart of Copenhagen. This iconic park is stunning as it changes from season to season and is lit up at night for a romantic evening stroll.

For those looking for a shopping spree in Copenhagen, look no further than Stroget. Stroget is the longest pedestrian shopping street in Europe filled with shops and restaurants and beautiful Danish architecture. On Stroget street you can also the historic churches of Helligandskiken and Nikolaj which boast wonderful Danish contemporary art.

The area is also home to the famous Town Hall Square, Radhusplads, which was built between 1892 and 1905. A facade adorned with a golden statue of Bishop Absalon, and intrinsic details offer different perspectives. 

Those looking to delve deeper into Danish culture check out the "Black Diamond", a modern waterfront extension to the Royal Danish Library. Its futuristic structure is composed of rare materials such as black granite from Zimbabwe and sculpted in Italy. It's not just a library. There’s an auditorium, museums, restaurants and the statue of the Little Mermaid is located right next to this grandiose structure on the banks of the river.

Vesterbro, Copenhagen's coolest neighborhood

A formerly seedy district, Vesterbro located to the west of the city center has benefited from a recent renovation that has made it one of the favorite neighborhoods of the people of Copenhagen! For visitors wishing to travel off the beaten track, this is a great place to stay in Copenhagen. Vesterbro is located near the famous shopping streets of Vesterbrogade, Istedgade and Sønder.

Vesterbro has that alternative feel. Street art is now an integral part of the district and has also taken a spot in many galleries. Formerly Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District, Vesterbro has since transformed into a trendy area with restaurants, bars and art galleries. Try some local Danish cuisine then head to the V1 Gallery, a contemporary art gallery that was the first in Scandinavia to present the work of street artists such as Banksy and Eine. You can also visit the official museum of the city, the Museum of Copenhagen, where you will have a fascinating glimpse of the history of the region in a beautiful manor house.

When it’s time to have a beer make sure to visit the Carlsberg Brewery near Frederiksberg Have! This fourth largest brewery in the world is worth a visit for its architecture with its magnificent entrance with the mythical elephants, its history and its garden with its beautiful sculptures. The visit begins with an exhibition of over 16000 bottles of beer collected since 1968! On a daily basis the museum also revives the old-fashioned ways of transporting beer with horses.

At the end of the day, head to Kalvebod bølge to admire the sunset, then you can go to the Sønder boulevard for dinner and enjoy the Vesterbro nightlife. This district never sleeps and is the perfect place for a night out if you want to avoid the touristy crowds in the city centre.

Amalienborg, the royal district

The Amalienborg district, home of the Danish royal family, is located north of the city center. This famous octagonal square is surrounded by 4 identical palace facades. These palaces have been the residence of the Danish royal family since 1974. Here you can observe the changing of the guards every day at noon, wearing bearskin headdresses. In the center of the square you can admire the statue of Frederick V on his horse.

Not far away, you can visit Rosenberg Castle which encloses 400 years of royal history! Today uninhabited, it was turned into a museum that will take you on a journey back in time, housing the royal collections of jewelry and paintings. Go for a walk in the beautiful gardens of Rosenborg where tulips and roses color a pond of bright colours.

On your motorhome hire in Copenhagen, head to Nyhavn harbor where you can park your vehicle. This harbor is a canal in the center of Copenhagen. The name Nyhavn means  "new port" in Danish. Certainly the most emblematic view of the city thanks to its sailboats, bars, restaurants and especially pastel colors that warm the heart! On the facades, some signs have been preserved and add a picturesque charm to the old houses. If you have a little time don’t hesitate to take a trip in one of the boats of the port to admire the city from the water!

Christianshavn, The Free District

Continue your journey from Copenhagen by motorhome across the riverbank to the Christianshavn district, which is located south-east of the city center (Indre By). Copenhagen is divided into two islands by the Christianshavn kanal. This district, built in the 1970s, has become a trendy area, including the famous Copenhagen Opera House dedicated to Queen Margaret II of Denmark. It is surrounded by numerous art galleries, restaurants, cafes as well as many art academies.

This area is surrounded by water and picturesque canals, which thanks to the colorful houses and narrow streets, make this area one of the most beautiful and romantic areas of the city. This is where Church of Our Savior, built in a Dutch Baroque style with its mythical bell tower, is located. For the bravest, venture to climb the 400 steps of the church steeple for a panoramic view of the city.

On this island is the district of Freetown Christiania, a partially self governing neighbourhood. It’s abandoned military barracks makes it feel like a city within a city, which is known worldwide for its self-proclaimed "Freetown". This district has a different vibe from the rest of the city but it is still very pleasant with unique buildings, artists' studios and its natural setting making it a must visit place in Copenhagen. A walk through Freetown Christiana is a relaxing and peaceful experience but keep in mind that taking pictures is prohibited!

To end the visits in Christianshavn, treat yourself to a gourmet lunch in the Papiroen market which proposes dozens of stands with dishes from around the world!

Keep in mind that in Copenhagen thaat motorhomes can not circulate through the city and parkings can be hard to find. Make sure to find a campsite near Copenhagen so you can park your motorhome safely and hassle free.

If you want to stay a few days, we recommend the campsite Absalon which is 5km from the city center and 300 meters from the metro!

Thinking of Copenhagen for your next motorhome hire? Find the perfect motorhome rental at Yescapa and discover Denmark’s capital in comfort.

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