4 reasons to road trip in Scotland by campervan

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Few other forms of travel offer the freedom that a campervan can bring. With the ability to pull over and set up camp on a whim means you almost have a VIP pass to scenic spots around Scotland. 

As well as being wild and wonderful Scotland’s countryside is also rural and remote. This is where campervan hire can offer you an advantage. You can travel off the beaten track in relative comfort without worrying how far you have to travel back to a hotel. We’re now going to look at what makes Scotland and campervans a match made in heaven.


Did you know it takes the same length of time to travel from London to Glasgow as it does to get from Glasgow to the North coast of Scotland. This is due to the winding roads which are perfect for any campervan enthusiast wishing to roam Scotland and its vast countryside. Following the A9 road allows to you to pit stop along towns such as Stirling, Perth and Inverness. Once you have reached Inverness you are not far from the wonderful and mysterious Loch Ness, one of many wild spots not to miss.  


Thanks to Scotland's liberal stance on wild camping (The Land Reform Act 2003), you are allowed to camp on most unenclosed land. However rules apply and campers should follow a policy of 'leave-no-trace' (For more information on the procedure to follow and how to camp responsibly see VisitScotland.com. Scotland also offers fantastic camping parks in magnificent locations across the country. There is a high demand throughout the year for campervan hire in Scotland. You can even hire campervans from individual owners with Yescapa, which really helps keep the costs down. Keep in mind that you should aim to pitch up at a proper campsite when possible. This will help keep Scotland’s fragile ecosystem protected.


Have you ever heard of the NC500? This is Scotland’s answer to the famed Route 66 of the USA. It stands for the North Coast Highway which is named one of the top coastal road trips in the word. The scenery along the way is dream-like, full of wild beaches, ancient castles and hidden trails. This is one of Scotland’s many stunning touring routes each offering at different flavour of the wonderful countryside.

4. Whisky and Scottish Cuisine                                                                            

Scotland is famous for it’s world class whisky, with many of the best concoctions coming from breweries in the highlands.  This is real whisky country and many high-quality micro-breweries having been opening up recently. You can even fit in self drive malt whisky tours around Scotland's world famous Whisky Distilleries. Self drive whisky tour itineraries are designed to provide inspiration for both the whisky enthusiast and those that wish to experience Scotland's national product as part of a wider tour of the country. Don’t miss out on great Scottish cuisine too. Try the traditional haggis, shortbread and puddings for a unique culinary punch.

To start your next Scottish roadtrip check out campervan hire from private owners!

Felicia H

Felicia H

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