Motorhome cooking: Tips and Equipment

25 October 2019 Motorhome , Travel

Motorhome cooking: Tips and Equipment

Are you heading on a road trip, perhaps for the first time, and wondering what to cook in a motorhome? Is it easy to cook in a camper? Which meals to prepare? Discover our tips and tricks to cook in motorhome when you're on the go.

How to cook in a motorhome?

Welcome to the motorhome kitchen, you will have noticed it is a functional space but a lot more compact to what you’re used to at home.

To make a good meal, we need good products, our first advice is to write a shopping list before going to the supermarket. Bonus tip, enjoy being on the move and try to consume local products such as seasonal vegetables in the area you’re travelling through.

Our second tip is to not overcomplicate your menu or try to cook in large quantities. With a smaller cooking area and fridge you will be less equipped to pull off a masterchef meal. 

Eating well is important, our last tip is about simplicity. Eating well does not mean cooking complicated, go back to the basics and don’t over think it too much.  Don’t forget to also pack away the essentials such as canned food, which are convenient to put away and which can be great help, in cases where you could not be near a shop. You can also take with you. Bring along breakfast essentials such as coffee, tea, chocolate, milk, brioches, biscuits. Also don’t forget to pack cooking oil, salt & pepper, condiments etc.

What to cook in a motorhome?

For people looking for a no fuss solution, canned foods are always a practical asset during a trip.

Another alternative, that will depend on the time of year your travelling in, are cold meals: salads, sandwiches, etc ... after all, your on your holidays.

For a quick go to breakfast in a camper go for bacon and eggs. Canned baked beans will not go amiss here.

For an easy lunch, keep it simple with easy rice dishes, courgettes and bell peppers, tuna salad, cucumber tomato salad, avocados and smoked salmon, etc. ...

If your motorhome is not equipped with an oven, it doesn't matter. If your motorhome is equipped with a microwave it will typically have an oven function. This is useful for pizza and other products that can not usually be cooked on your trip.


If you’re looking for the real camping experience, the barbecue is your best ally. It’s economic and a real crowd pleaser cooking on charcoal or gas. It's also a great way to get everyone together. 

Don’t forget your on holidays! The goal is to enjoy yourself and not to spend hours cooking. Why don't you visit local villages for lunch? And in the evening, prepare a quick salad with seasonal vegetables.

Look for fresh products produced in the area. Small grocery stores, bakeries, cold cuts, and small markets around, will be of great help to you. 

A last tip, If you are on a motorhome hire always check before if the owner is including all the necessities to cook throughout your trip. Some rental companies charge extra for cooking equipment and gas bottles so always check the fine print. Alternatively you can hire a motorhome from local owners in your area where cooking equipment and crockery are included.

What are your favorite recipes to cook when your on the road? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments! Bon appetit on your next adventure.