Best gifts for motorhome and campervan lovers

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Who does not know this feeling: December is arriving and so is the stressful thought of “Oh no, I need presents and I have no clue what to get my loved ones for Christmas …” What a relief when there are at least some friends of family members, which have a special field of interest or hobby they are passionate about. Still, it can be tricky to find a good gift, which they do not already have. This article will help you find the perfect gifts for anyone crazy about motorhomes and vanlife. You will find campervan gifts for him and for her, for a big, moderate and small budget, practical, technical, inspirational and self-made gifts. So make yourself comfortable, get out your notepad and let us inspire you with a list of the ten best gifts for motorhome and campervan lovers!

Motorhome gifts to facilitate everyday camping life:

1.      Camping discount card

Giving a Camping Card is a great gift for motorhome owners, because it will allow him or her to save a considerate amount of money, every time they go camping on a campsite. There are numerous cards on the market, one we would like to recommend is the CampingCard ACSI. It allows up to 60% of savings at more than 3,000 campsites all over Europe. Good news if your loved one travels with children: In almost 450 campsites they will be allowed to stay for free. Find more information here.

Price: €13.95 for the first year

2.      Powerbank

Power bank as campervan gift

Listening to music, finding the closest campsite or checking the fastest route to the next sight: For most activities we need technological devices with charged batteries. That is why a Powerbank is a must of any traveller and our next campervan gift idea. One of the most recommended ones, which was build especially for the purpose of camping is the Goal Zero Venture 70. It is waterproof, holds a 17,700mAh battery, as well as two high-speed 2.4A USB ports and is able to charge your phone battery up to seven times.

Price: $149.95

3.      Solar Charger

Solar charger motorhome gift

A solar charger is a great camper van accessories gift for any eco-friendly traveller. You do not necessarily have to spend a fortune to get a good quality. The BigBlue 38W for instance, is available for $69.96 and functions well even in partly cloudy conditions.

Price: $69.96 on Amazon

4.      Ebook

Ebook as a campervan present

For any bibliophile, who likes being on the road, an ebook is a very practical gadget. Having all your favourite books with you without actually having to bring them all along is an amazing gift to offer, especially considering the limited space a campervan usually offers. You could even download some of your friends favourite books or some interesting travel guides. Here you can find a comparison of the newest ebooks on the market.

Motorhome gift ideas to inspire every campervan lover:

5.      DIY Travel guide

This one might be a good choice if your budget is rather low or if you prefer giving something personal for Christmas. All you need is a pretty little notebook and some pencils. Write down possible campervan destinations, print out some pictures (or cut them out of magazines) and write down possible things to do in the respective area: Sights, famous restaurants, parking spaces etc. You could also leave some blank spaces, in order for it to be used as a travel journal. It is fun in the making, it is an inspirational campervan gift and makes him or her dream of future adventures! If you need some inspiration, Pinterest could be a great source.

6.      Subsciption to a Campervan Magazine

“A magazine subscription? Although nowadays everything is online and for free?” – Yes, indeed! Having 30 pages of interesting inspirational content delivered every month is a great campervan gift and on top it is not even an expensive one. The Campervan magazine for instance costs $24.99 for a 6-month subscription or $34.99 for an entire year.

7.      Vanlife movie night


A very personal gift, which does not cost anything: Choose a couple of good vanlife movies and invite your friend over for a campervan movie night! Make plans for his or her next motorhome trip, prepare some delicious snacks and drinks. Sometimes giving time is a much better gift than buying something materialistic. In case you cannot meet face to face, why not do a virtual movie night. Thanks to Netflix Party, you can watch a movie in sync with your friends.  Two movie and travel documentary recommendations:

Weit. – A German couple spends three and a half years traveling almost 100,000 kilometers around the world through Europe, Asia, North and Central America. Expedition happiness: A filmmaker and his musician girlfriend travel across North America in a refurbished school bus.

Quirky motorhome gifts:

8.      VW Campervan Speaker

Campervan speaker gift

Which campervan lover wouldn’t like to listen to his favourite songs by means of a VW camper speaker? More than just a decoration piece, this Bluetooth speaker will come in handy during the next campervan trip. A cute yet practical VW camper gift!

Price: $55.48 at Amazon

9.      Campervan saving tin

Campervan savings tin

A cute little present, which helps getting through the waiting period for the next campervan trip. Also a great present for those still saving for an own campervan or motorhome. A symbolic present, which can be a great decoration piece for a lover of campervan fans. There are many shapes, colours and models available; this one is available for $19.95 on Amazon.

The ultimate gift for campervan lovers without an own campervan:

10. Gift Card for a weekend away in a motorhome

Campervan trip gift card

You have a friend, colleague or family friend who is passionate about the campervan lifestyle, but who does not have an own one yet? Well, what better to surprise them with than with a gift card for a weekend away. That way, you are giving one of the most valuable things: time and experience. Your loved one can take a break, discover new cities or countries and can test campervan life. It also is perfect for anyone planning to buy a campervan or motorhome, without yet knowing which model suits him or her best. Which amount you want to put on your gift card is completely up to you! Here you can find more information.

We hope our list of the best motorhome and campervan gifts could inspire you and relieve some of the Christmas present pressure. No matter which present you go for, in the end it is the thought and effort that counts and that will please you friend, colleague or family member!

Felicia H

Felicia H

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