3 reasons to rent a campervan for your next holiday!

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For this article we look at why we love to holiday in campervans. It’s a love affair we just can’t get over. Once you've taken to the road in a classic VW all other means of transport become obsolete once you’ve found your home on the road.

Three reasons to rent a campervan for your next holiday?

1. Comfort and Control

A typical road trip in a car can be a struggle especially when you’re a group with less space leaving you packed together for most of the route. Things can get even worse if you get stuck in traffic and can’t stop to rest or to eat. When you rent a campervan you have the freedom to travel in comfort, stopping where you like in your home on the road. You can add even more space by bringing along a drive-away awning which can help to offer shelter and increase the berth of the vehicle. With complete control of your schedule you don’t have to worry about imposed deadlines. You’re free to decide your own plan which can change at the last minute. Campers have become the vehicle of choice for avid surfers. They are able to find the best surfing conditions by following the weather reports in their campers helping to maximize a surf trip.

2. Explore the Best Holiday Destinations

Convinced to hit the road in a camper yet? Now to decide where to go. Here are some of the best places to road trip in a campervan in Europe.

The Loire Valley - France

Located in central France, The Loire Valley offers 280km of campervan paradise. For all you wine-lovers this region is renowned for its world famous wines with numerous celebrated vineyards dotted along the Muscadet region on the Atlantic coast to the regions of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé southeast of the city of Orléans. The best time to explore this area is from June to September where the temperatures average above 25 degrees, however the climate is still favourable for most of the year.

Snowdownia National Park - Wales - UK

A mountainous region in north west Wales, this national park is vast and offers beautiful scenery over 2,130 km2. This is a great region for campervan enthusiasts interested in mountain walking. The park's natural forests are diverse and filled with wildlife, including rare animals such as otters, polecats, and the feral goat.

Be prepared however to bring your rain jacket. Snowdonia is known as the wettest spot in the UK with an average rainfall of 4,473 millimetres a year over the last 30 years.

The Isle of Skye - Scotland - UK

When people imagine a road trip in Scotland thoughts usually jump to The Highlands or the bonnie banks of loch lomond but The Isle of Skye offers something special. Scotland’s largest island is well-known for its natural beauty and medieval castles.  If you rent a campervan you can get closer to the action. ‘The Cuillin Range’ and ‘The Trotternish Ridge’ offer challenging climbs and interesting scrambles. You can also explore the coastline on one of the many scenic boat trips available.

Costa Brava - Catalonia - Spain

A beautiful coastal region of Spain, Costa brava is a sunny paradise destination for thousands each year. This area is renowned for its beautiful beaches and hidden coves surrounded by vegetation with 199 spots located along the coast. With a campervan you have the unique chance to move along the coast, stay next to the beach and experience all this region has to offer. The climate here is excellent but we recommend heading there mid to late September to avoid the hoards of tourists.

3. Choice!

Let’s start with the big questions, to rent or to buy? Instead of buying a campervan you can also look to hire a variety of different models, giving each trip a different feel. It’s a handy alternative when planning for the next bank holiday to make sure you get away to some of the best UK destinations. You can choose from classic kombis to more modern campervans with fitted toilets giving you everything you need in a mobile package. There are over 6,500 campervans and motorhomes for rent from private owners across Europe so it is very easy to hire a campervan that suits you in your area today. Already own a vehicle? Why not let it earn money for you when you’re not using it? List it on Yescapa and rent security with insurance, breakdown cover and full support provided free of charge.

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Felicia H

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