Christmas Gifts for Campervan Owners

gift ideas for motorhomers

Christmas fast approaches and it is time to think about what to offer to your dear motorhomer and campervan friends. You still have no clue about what to offer ? These ideas might give you some hints !

1. Hydro Hammock

You can now have a hammock and a bath in one ! Enjoy a lovely moment in this waterproof Hammock with your friends or your partner. You can use it indoor, outdoor, on the beach and have a well deserved daily break ! You can buy separately an heating system that will make you never want to get out of this !

2. VW Toaster

Such a great idea for the year’s end celebrations,  this VW toaster will awake the child in you. Little extra : It even toasts your bread with the VW logo. The awesomeness has a cost though, and you will have to pay between 100-200$ to buy it.
Find it : here

We have also found some cheaper ones that do not imprint the bread !

3. Iphone/Smartphone Car Mount

Here is an useful one! To those who cannot live without their phone and want to keep an eye on it at anytime.
Price : £8,95
You can buy it on Amazon

4. VW Lighter

Whether it is to light your cigarettes, your barbecues or just to show off, you absolutely need this VW lighter !Why ? Because it is beautiful, you can refill it, and the official VW colors make them really attractive !
Price: 12,90 €
You can buy them on Spi-Discount

5. Travel Pillow

This travel pillow will ease your neck during long hours in a motorhome..
Price: 20 €
You can buy it on sur Amazon


Once plugged, this little 8go USB turns on headlights ! A really cute way to stock your data at work or at home. Product under licence.
Price : 22 €
You can buy it on Route Vintage.

7. Connected key holder

A nice gift if you are a dreamy person. Wistiki is the app that will prevent you from losing stuff. How does it work ? Tie or stick a Wistiki on objects that you do not want to lose ( keys, wallet or even your cat !). If you have lost one of those, you can make them ring and locate the Wistiki from your smartphone or tablet.
Price : 24,9 €
You can buy it here : Wistiki

8. Rear View Camera

Here is a gift that will make your travel a lot easier. Driving a car in reverse gear or parking it can sometimes be tricky. The rear view camera for motorhome allow to do it easily and safely.
Price : 389€
You can buy it on

9. Biolite Camp Stove

This little stove will allow you to turn a smokeless fire in electricity to charge all your electronic devices. The brand also runs a campaign to reduce soot which is one of the fastest ways to address climate change and to provide cleaner homes for millions.

Price: 149,95 €

10. Solar barbecue ID COOKUP 200

Put a little sun in your meals with the solar barbecue ID COOKUP 200. A nice gift for every Eco-friendly person. It takes less than 20 minutes assemble without tools.

Price: 449 €
You can buy it on ID COOK

11. Packable Waterproof Bagpack

Perfect to have with you on a road trip so you can treck around whatever the weather. The ripstop fabric is both lightweight and durable with a PU coating to prevent your items getting wet during a short shower or light drizzle

Check out this model available from Lifeventure

12. A Yeti Ice Scraper Glove

A little funny gift to make this daily boring task way more interesting !
Price: 10 €
Buy it on : prezzybox

13. Scrubba Wash Bag

Travelers and campers will love this Australian invention. This pocket-sized wash machine will allow you to wash your clothes wherever you are, without electricity ! Whether you are traveling, camping or trekking, this little device will be your best partner ! Add 3 liters of water and you will have the same result as a traditional wash machine in 3 minutes.
Price: 50 €
Find more information here : Scrubba

Felicia H

Felicia H

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