Home office on the road: become a digital nomad with Yescapa

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The current health crisis has changed the working environment as we know it. Although the concept of home office was already known and partially used before, it was far from being accepted on a wider basis. During the past year, this has changed. Home office has become a normal part of people’s lifes and a lot easier to implement than before. But why not do even further and work while being on the road? The concept of digital nomads is fascinating and allows you to escape from your daily routine and take the most out of your free time by travelling the world. You will find everything you need to know about it in this blogpost!

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Teleworking and travelling by van: the reinvented daily routine

Remote work: before and after

There are thousands of ways to work remotely but to do so while travelling is certainly the best of them all. In a campervan, the comfort of your home will accompany you wherever your desires take you. Just imagine waking up in the heart of nature, deciding to take a walk in the surrounding area or taking the time to enjoy your coffee while watching the sunrise before starting to work…

Working in the office vs. on the road

Of course, we do not want to romanticize the life of digital nomads, there are a lot of challenges you are facing and not everybody is made for it. It is certain that there is a higher amount of discipline needed in order to stay focused on work instead of going outside and taking a walk alongside the ocean. Still, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a magnificent panorama view from the top of a mountain rather than the same old view on the neighbouring building? Travelling while working will allow you to get a breath of fresh air and change the working environment as often as you like, which will have a positive impact on your performance and well-being. 

Another advantage of the digital-nomad-lifestyle is its stimulating effect on creativity. With nature as a source of inspiration, creative people will be able to better focus on their imagination and new ideas. By freeing oneself from the limitations of everyday life, it becomes easier to concentrate on the essentials or to carry out a complex task more efficiently.

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You like the idea of working while being on the road and your job allows you to do so? Great! Before you pack your bags and send an email to you boss, take a look at these tips how to prepare your departure and how make sure your digital nomad life will be a sucess:

Become a digital nomad for a getaway: our tips

Digital nomad lifestyle

1/ Rent a comfortable and well-equipped vehicle

Finding the ideal work companion is a crucial step in becoming a digital nomad. In order to be able to work efficiently while travelling, you need a vehicle in which you can separate the work space from the cozy space. A van with a pop-up bed, a lounge area or a spacious motorhome could be good choices to ensure full concentration.

In general, the better equipped the vehicle is (with hotplates, fridge, toilet, shower), the more you can focus on your work and your journey rather than on details of everyday life. Also make sure that the vehicle has 220V sockets for recharging your electronic devices. If the campervan or motorhome does not have a dedicated battery, the sockets may only work when the vehicle is plugged into an electrical outlet (found in many campsites and service areas).  

2/ Test your fitness of digital-nomad-lifestyle

If you never travelled by campervan before, take the time to learn a little more about it. There are a lot of online blogs about this topic, providing a lot of infomation and tips for beginners. 

Concerning practical and technical issues of travelling by campervan, you don't have to worry. When renting a vehicle between individuals on Yescapa, the owner will guide you through the handling of the vehicle and answer all your questions. You therefore don't have to worry about issues like the functioning of the equipment or the electronics.

3 / Ensuring a fast and stable internet connection

Having a good internet connection is essential for being able to work remotely - at least for most jobs. Checking emails, organising video conferences, using online tools - all this would be impossible without high-quality internet. 

We highly recommend you to research information about 4G keys or routers from your operator before your departure. If you do not travel to remote areas and your mobile plan offers a lot of cellular data, you can also rely on hotspots.

4/ Organising your teleworking days

Structure and organisation will be important tools to ensure you stay focused and efficient while working. How exactly you want to organise your days depends on you and your personality. Do you prefer to start working early in the morning or rather start your day by an outdoor activity? At what time do you want to take your breaks and how many hours do you want/have to work? Planning your days will allow you to keep motivation and performance high, while also keeping a healthy work-life-balance. 

Organise your missions and professional tasks into time slots and then organise them around the activity you want to do today. You want to take a hike at sunrise, a picnic between noon and two o’ clock or a sunbath on the beach? Just plan your working hours around these activities and create a concrete time table to ensure neither pleasure nor work suffers.

5/ Keep your environment tidy and clean

Everybody who has already done homeoffice knows: Working in a chaotic environment is not fun and hampers concentration and creativity. If your workplace is messy, it will be harder for you to focus on your tasks and in a space as small as a campervan the mess can arise pretty quickly.

Our recommendation: When you wake up, take the time to make your bed, clean up breakfast or put away the things you've just used for your morning routine.

You have never experienced the digital nomad lifestyle but would like to discover it? Find your dream vehicle and rent a campervan at Yescapa to discover a new way of life by combining adventure with work.

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