Top 5 luxury motorhomes

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In search of adventure, freedom and evasion but you still want to feel “at home” ? There is no need to look further, motorhomes are your best travel buddies. Shape, colors, features, everyone has his preferences, but the following vehicles should convince you.

1. The EleMMent Palazzo

Designed and created by the Austrian company Marchi Mobile, the Elemment Palazzo is considered as the most expensive motorhome in the world. (Starting from 2.2 millions €). A futuristic allure and an oversized luxury are the main features of this vehicle. 530 horsepower, 20 tons and the body is 12 meters long. Introduced for the very first time in Dubaï in 2013 at the « Toys for Big Boys » convention, this luxury motorhome has seduced the customers, i.e the american rapper Birdman.

2. The PILOTE G832C

Less crazy than the Palazzo, the Diamond G832C is robust and offers quite luxurious features. This beautiful low-profile that is 9 meters long has a top-notch interior organization and high technology aboard : Remote controlled beds and blinds, adjustable lights… To sum up, an affordable motorhome that offers an optimal comfort. (even if it costs more than 100k€…).

3. The CAMI TerraWind

The TerraWind, motorhome that could be featured in a 007 movie, has been commercialized by the american company CAMI (Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International), specialized in the creation and production of amphibious vehicles.

Instead of words, discover the video that introduces all the possibilities offered by this real gem : The luxury on the roads and underwater ! 

4. The VOLKNER Mobil Performance

Every motorhome enthusiast has someday been daydreaming about the creations of the German company Volkner : unique, outstanding, here are the best adjectives to describe these vehicles. In 2013, Volkner launches on the market this incredible bus fully equipped, that is 12 meters long.
Its assets: Luxury materials such as granite or solid wood, an enormous « wall-out » allowing to free 5 square meters of space and a clever garage designed for sports cars.

5. The BURSTNER Grand Panorama

A high-standard motorhome with a great attention to detail, as Burstnr always does : A beautiful bedding, nice lights, spacious bathroom… The signature of the Grand Panorama is the monumental wind-shield  that offers an unrestricted view on the roads and landscapes : a feature unseen before !

An unusual bonus for travelers : The ACTION MOBIL Atacama 7900

The company Action Mobil offers vehicles equipped to face every type of adventure. Find below one of their flagship products, the 7900 Atacama, perfect for long trips.

Our motorhomes are less spectacular but are still great : Discover more than 2000 vehicles available for hire :

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