Halloween holidays : Scary places to discover in France

scary places

In this time of Halloween , travel to the land of fear and shudder in family ! Here is a selection of mystical places, haunted and full of stories in France:

The Museum of the Beast of Gévaudan (Saugues, Auvergne)

In search of mysteries and shivers ?
You may recall this story that happened a few centuries ago… In the 18th century, a hundred of murders were imputed to a strange beast. Many hypothesis were considered : Hungry wolf or werewolf, monster trained by a cruel witch…  Hunts were organized by the king without any results. The mystery remained until 1767… This Beast of Gévaudan has led to many legends .

Everything has been rebuilt in the Museum : The town, the characters, the king, the bishop… Dive into the past, it is your turn to investigate !
More information on www.musee-bete-gevaudan.com Where to sleep ? Maybe here or there !

Catacombs of Paris (Île de France)

The catacombs of Paris have been the subject of horrific myths and legends. The bones of more than six millions Parisians are stocked in this underground maze.
Often evoked abroad as the scariest place in the world, perhaps because of the contrast with the nice haussmannian architecture of Paris, the Catacombs are filled with common graves and bones. They have been moved there at the end of the 18th century to solve the graveyards saturation.

More information on www.catacombes.paris.frWhere to sleep ? Why not  here ou there !

The Forest of Brocéliande (Paimpont, Brittany)

Mysterious land with its magic spells, tales and enchantments, Brocéliande will captivate you. The forest will show you its beautiful scenery : megaliths, sources, ponds, streams, hundred-year-old trees…

It is where Merlin met Viviane. He chose to be caged there by his beloved and to live, invisible, among the trees, animals and stars. Present behind the trees, ferns or the streaming of water, he guides the steps of those who wander in the forest.. It is not the only asset of this wood bewitched by the druids : The fountain of youth is supposed to look one year younger and the “Val sans retour” was the land of Morgane Le Fay, half-sister of King Arthur, where she kept prisoners the knights of the king.

More information on  www.broceliande-vacances.com Where to sleep? Why not here or there !

The Château de Commarque (Les Eyzies, Aquitaine)

In the heart of the Périgord noir, built during the 12th and 13th centuries . The legend tells that 500 years ago, the earl of Commarque and the baron of Beynac were fighting for the surrounding areas through bloody fights until the day the daughter of the earl fell in love with the son of the rival family. One day that the two lovers were dating, the earl caught the young man. He stayed prisoner in the dungeon and was decapitated despite the tears of the young fiancée. Stories tell that the horse of the young man, in search of his master, is still haunting the place. Everyone that has spent the night in the Dungeon died or went crazy…
The chateau is nowadays open to the public, and was used as a set by  Ridley Scott for the movie The Duellist. (1977)

More information on www.commarque.com Where to sleep? Why not here or there !

Tiffauges, the castle of Blue-beard (Pays de la Loire)

Built in the 12th century; the chateau de Tiffauges is known for several reasons.
For those who are passionate about Middle-Age architecture, it is a classical example of a medieval fortress. To the others, it will remain the sadly famous chateau of Gilles de Rais (better known as “Blue-beard”). Husband of Joan of Arc, he retired in 1434 in Tiffauges after having earned a fortune. During several years, he lived in the outrageousness organizing parties. Following a defrocked priest he was initiated to esoterism and satanism. Unfortunately, his beliefs led him to abduct children during horrible ceremonies. Gilles de Rais inspired many children tales by his cruelty.

More information on chateau-tiffauges.vendee.fr Where to sleep? Why not here ou there !

The Château of Blois (Centre)

The splendors of the chateau de Blois are well known. The fortress build in the 13th and 14th centuries was one of the favorite residences of the Kings. According to the legend, its massive architecture shelters a ghost. If you wander through the underground, you will probably meet Thibaut de Champagne, an earl who was sentenced by mystic forces to fight his rival until the end of time.
It is also said that Thibaut haunts the park around and that the sound of the dogs that accompanied his hunts can be heard.

More information on www.chateaudeblois.fr Where to sleep? Why not here ou there !

The Château of the Templars in Gréoux-les-Bains (PACA)

Located on a geological fault, in an old sacred territory, you will find this old templar commandery in Gréoux-les-Bains. Some say that strange things are happening there and people from the close towns  do not like to go there, especially at night.

Several mysterious histories evoke treasure hunters who were surpised by the “Threshold Keepers”.

More information on www.greoux-les-bains.com Where to sleep? Why not here or there !

Le Manoir du Chastenay (Arcy-sur-Cure, Burgundy)

It is in the little town of Ary sur Cyre that you will find the manor of Chastenay, previously known as the chateau du Lys.
When the owner of the manor, Gabriel de la Varende, has bought in 1960, this residence in a poor condition, he was far from imagining the events that will happen. Indeed, le Chastenay shelters a “White Lady” whose identity remains a mystery. Unlike other legends associated to these spectra whose name and the cause of death are usually known, nothing allows to know who this ghost that can be seen in the park or through the windows is. According to Gabriel, it is a direct descendant of a scottsh family. Worshipped by the farmers, she could not go away from the house, despite the revolution and… her death !
More information on  www.coeurdelyonne.com Where to sleep? Why not here ou there !

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Felicia H

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