Glastonbury Campervan Guide 2017

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If you were one of the lucky 135,000 who got your hands on a Glastonbury ticket this year, congratulations! Other ticket-less and disappointed music fans will have to wait until Glastonbury 2019 for their chance to attend Europe's largest music and arts festival after a fallow year was decided for 2018.

This year fans can expect a lineup headlined by Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran with the final list of artists still to be finalized.

The event sold out in under 50 minutes leaving many angered fans taking to twitter to complain about the website crashing due to the traffic overload.

Glastonbury often suffers bad weather turning the camping areas into a mud bath. For those wishing to avoid a night in a waterlogged tent you can attend the event in a motorhome or campervan. These vehicles are not allowed on the main festival site but an additional campervan ticket can be purchased which allows you to pitch a short 10 minute walk from the outskirts of the festival.

Glastonbury campervan tickets are also extremely limited and high in demand so if you haven’t got one yet you may need to look at alternative accommodation. They cost £100 for vehicles under 8 meters in length and £200 if they are over.

Tickets are registered in customers names and are non transferable to stop ticket scalpers from thriving. However it is not uncommon that there are cancellations so keep your eye on the Glastonbury website as all resales can only be purchased from the site.

If you're ready to go and are bringing along your own vehicle keep in mind that there is no electricity supplied and generators are not allowed on site. You'll need depend on your leisure battery so it’s best to know how long your leisure battery can last before arriving. Remember that charging in a stationary position can be expensive and bad for the environment so it should be avoided when possible. If you wish to get the most out of your leisure battery you can look at using Solar trickle chargers as an environmentally friendly way to keep your vehicle topped up. Also make sure you've got plenty of fuel before you arrive on site. In this way you can keep running your engine to charge your battery!

There are also no gas hook-ups on the site and your personal supply must be self-contained within the vehicle. Think about bringing a spare gas canister just in case.

You will have access to waste-water containers which must be disposed of in the proper manner. Please don't empty them onto the grass and make sure you've got a couple of large buckets to drain into. You will of course also have a fresh water supply - don't forget to take a water roller barrel with you.

Awnings are commonly used , and in some ways even encouraged so that you can sit outside, soak up the atmosphere, and socialise with other festival-goers. Nobody wishes to be huddled up in their campervan all the day, after all you are at Glastonbury.

Keep in mind if you have some friends arriving separately who wish to access the campervan field this is possible.

They must however walk into the campsite. If they come in another vehicle they will have to pay for a parking ticket in the regular car park.

A campervan or motorhome can really help bring that feeling of being at home even while at Glastonbury. If you're still looking to rent a campervan for Glastonbury there is still time. Happy Festivaling!!

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