10 Essential Motorhome Accessories


Although everyone has a preference on how they kit out their vehicle, we are looking at the more essential accessories for motorhomes that benefit the majority of users.

1. Sat Nav

Although many drivers use their phones as navigators nowadays, it is still very useful to have a trusty GPS Sat Nav. As you cross country borders in your vehicle you may discover complications receiving a mobile signal as well as roaming charges when using a phone as a GPS device. With most current Sat Navs offering free updates for life for UK and European maps you’ll never get lost again. Most models come pre-loaded with points of interest and city information built in, helping to keep your road-trip rolling in the right direction.

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2. Satellite Television

A TV can always prove useful when the rain starts to pour or if you have young kids who want to watch cartoons in the morning. Most new TV models come equipped with Free View (UK only) giving you access to over 50 free channels. The largest suitable sized TV for most motorhomes would be 19 inches.

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3. Motorhome Wifi

4G mobile Internet on the go is a fantastic asset to have when stuck inside your motorhome in the pouring rain. With the Huawei you can insert any mobile sim and purchase a data package to keep you connected and entertained during your travels. However if you have a need for unlimited and powerful internet you may want to invest in satellite internet which starts at £3,000.

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4. Lamzac Inflatable Lounge

Wherever you go, make yourself comfortable. Just swing the lightweight bag to fill it with air and create a life size lounge seat.When you’re done lounging, just deflate, store and off you go. A Lamzac inflatable lounge is essential for relaxing and taking in the sights in comfort on your next trip.

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5. Awning

Wind, rain or shine an awning can really help to complete the motorhome experience. With many different styles available, some even becoming private extensions for your motorhome, awnings help you capture more living space on your motorhome holiday.

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6. Handpresso (Portable Espresso Machine)

The Handpresso Pump Pop is essential for any coffee lover on the road. You can get a quality caffeine kick wherever your next adventure takes you.

Make a real espresso can be made in 3 easy steps:

1. Bring the Handpresso pressure to 16 bar by pumping like a bicycle pump

2. Add warm water (90°C)

3. Place an ESE pod or ground espresso coffee.

The espresso is now ready to flow into the cup.

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7. Bike Rack

For anyone interested in cycling and exploring, a bike rack is a must for your vehicle. Cycling allows you to reach places a bulky motorhome can’t. It’s also a great way to fit in some exercise and discover new places on your journey.

8. Battery Lanterns

Battery powered lights are a great way to enjoy great ambiance without the worries of an open flame. These battery lanterns can be used inside and outside your vehicle and with their 6 hour timer can deliver up to 30 days of illumination. They are sure to bring some atmosphere to your next road trip.

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9. Fold-up Outdoor Furniture

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The ability to sit outside and enjoy the sunrise is one of the beautiful freedoms enjoyed by motorhome users, therefore outdoor equipment is a must. Due to the limited space inside the vehicle it is important to have equipment that can be stored away neatly until needed.

10. Rain Proof Gear

Especially useful when caught in poor weather, the Matador Freerain24 backpack can keep your adventure going. You can pack up all your essentials and set off exploring, assured that you’re ready for whatever the climate throws your direction. Ideal for world travelers or use as a summit pack, it packs away to fit in the palm of your hand and unpacks into a 24 Liter backpack with a waterproof main compartment.

If you have never driven a motorhome before and would like to try one before you invest in your own, you can rent one of 15000 vehicles across Europe with Yescapa to find the one that suits you best.

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