How to wash your clothes in a motorhome

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Several solutions exist to wash your clothes while traveling in a motorhome. From the integrated washer-dryer to the waterproof barrel hung in the bathroom, we have selected 6 alternate ways to do laundry while traveling.

Stacked washer-dryer

Very convenient and easy to use, the washers are usually only available in heavy vehicles. The stacked system is a luxury that allows to travel longer without worrying about the clothes you'll dirty. 

Washing his clothes in a camping

It is according to us the most convenient alternative for motorhomers. Enjoy to park in a campsite to reload the electricity batteries, empty the waste waters and do your laundry. The vast majority of campsites are equipped with a laundromat but we advise that you check before.

Laundromats in malls

Laundromats close to supermarkets or malls are usually easy to access. You can enjoy doing your groceries in time your clothes get ready. You'll just have to put your clothes in it, select the desired program and go buy delicious foods for dinner !

Scrubba : the portable washing machine

The Scrubba wash bagis a compact pocket washer . Just bag your clothes in it, washing powder or soap and water, then seal the bag. Scrub it during several minutes, rinse the clothes and... HOP everything is clean! 

Drumi : The pedal-powered washing machine

Initially created to facilitate the lifestyle of students, this pedal-powered washing machine is really efficient when it comes to motorhoming, campervan or converted van. The same process as the scrubba has to be followed, except that instead of scrubbing it with your hands, you will have to use your feet! 

The barrel : The adventurer's way

Use a waterproof barrel like the ones used in kayaks. You can buy them in outdoor sport shops, in several different shapes and colors. While traveling, just mix your dirty clothes with water (without filling the whole barrel) and soap. Attach the barrel to the shower so the movements of the vehicle agitate the water. Change the water to rinse the clothes.

Do your laundry when coming back home

For those who do not want to overcomplicate things, or those who have brought enough clothes during their trip, you will just have to wait until returning home to do your laundry!

Bonus : How to iron in a motorhome

You have cleaned and dried your clothes, but now you need to iron it... Our main tip for ironing would be to park on a campsite and plug the vehicle to the electricity. Some campsites have dedicated areas as well. 

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