Top 5 accessories to prepare for your road trip


We have gathered the true 5 essentials for all your future campervan/ motorhome road trips!

Epic Drives of the World - LONELY PLANET

This book is one of the most beautiful travel guides there is on the market! Lonely Planet’s Epic series has created a new must-read to give you all the inspiration you need for your next road trip.

Illustrated with some of the most breathtaking photographs, and heartfelt first-hand accounts, this hardback will most certainly hold an important place on your bookshelf.

Epic drives of the world features 50 of the best road trips imaginable on the planet, from old classics to more adventurous ones, making it ideal for anyone ready to hit the road! All the practical information imaginable is included, making it the best companion to planning the road trip of a lifetime.

Why not start your very own bucket list of road trips?!

epic drives of the world lonely planet road trip

WindBurner® Personal Stove System - MSR®

Have you ever woken up in your campervan, on top of a mountain, and been craving a cup of freshly made coffee? Look no further, this WindBurner® Stove System is your answer!

For coffee and tea lovers alike, this must-have item is not only practical but more ergonomic than ever. Combining award-winning, Reactor® technology, you can pretty much bring this wherever your holiday vehicle may take you!

No matter the weather conditions, the radiant burner and enclosed windproof design mean that wind is no longer an issue. Indeed, the system works on a “heat exchanger” basis, where the heat is directly transferred to the lock-on pot to heat up your drink of choice.

This little gem will save you time and effort, leaving you to focus on what’s important!

msr gear windburner stove system coffee camping

You can find it here from £128.89.

Dog First Aid Kit - Mountain Paws®

Our furry friends can sometimes be as clumsy us, unfortunately. With the doggy first aid kit, your dog will be the most prepared of the pack. This life-saving kit will be perfect to treat your best friend’s injuries until you can reach a vet. 

Inside this water-resistant kit, you will find paw sleeves to protect any dressings or wounds, saline solution for cleansing out wounds/eyes and even a thermal blanket, in case your dog needs to stay warm.

Better safe than sorry!

dog first aid kit safety camping yescapa

You can find this gem here - £17.99.

Myga Yoga mat - Myga Yoga®

What better way to start the day of a motorhome holiday than by rolling out your mat! Just because you're away does not mean you should cross out your morning routine. Mats during a road trip are so handy, be it for a yoga session watching the sunrise on the beach, to lay down and read a book, or even for the more adventurous ones, to be used as a sleeping mat for stargazing in the wild!

We love Myga Yoga mats because they are a UK brand launched in 2017, who pride themselves on style, quality durability, comfort, and especially because they favour eco-friendly materials.

Travel Hammock - Lifeventure®

Going on a road trip in a campervan or a motorhome means forgetting all the conventional ways of holidaying! Why not give sleeping in a hammock a go?! New studies have proven that it is not only better for your back, but also tens of other things! ie. Arthritis, acid reflux, sleep apnea, and mainly to reduce stress and overall get a better night’s sleep.

It’s no wonder that most people who live in countries where the weather allows for it, tend to have a hammock in their backyard. You too can sleep under the stars wherever you go, with these Lifeventure quality hammocks. They are lightweight, are made with superior ripstop Cordura nylon and have high-density rope fastening! An absolute must-have.

lifenture hammock travel camping motorhome

You can get them here, from £34.99.

Prices listed are correct at time of publication.
Felicia H

Felicia H

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