You wish to rent a motorhome during your holidays but do not know which one you are going to choose ? Here is a quick guide to share with you our main advice so you will find the ideal motorhome to go on vacation.

The Coachbuilt Motorhome:

If you have decided to wander with your family, it might be your favorite among this list. It can offer up to 7 berth and we bet that everyone will want to sleep in the overcab area. This area is located above the driver’s cabin that generally welcomes two seats. You will find at the back a twin bed or bunk beds. Most of the time, the table can also be converted to a twin bed but this space is often more suitable to children. It is also a good value for money as there is a lot of berth, which makes it al so suitable for a great night out !

Jean Marc’s motorhome. already rented 5 times : See it here ! Note given by the renters : 5/5

The Low-Profile Motorhome:

The low-profile offers a higher level of comfort. It can generally welcome 4 persons and is more likely to suit the needs of a couple with two children. Its main asset is the central bed at the back, offering a spacious room where everyone will feel comfortable. The living space is also bigger. There is a smaller version of the low profile(less than 6 meters) that is also enjoyable when it is your first time driving such a vehicle.

Marcel’s motorhome, already rented out 4 times. Note given by the renters : 5/5

The A-class Motorhome:

The A-class is sort of the Motorhome’s Rolls-royce ! It offers a real comfort and an elegant design. Its size is usually quite massive. A with the low-profile, a smaller “compact” version exists, which will be less comfy but easier to drive. Depending on the interior arrangement, you will be able to lodge up to 4 persons. Its price is more expansive because of the top-notch equipment and features. If ever you travel with one of these vehicles, you will surely have the feeling to be in a high-class apartment but you will wake up to nature sounds and feel more free than ever !

Yvan’s motorhome, already rented out 8 times . Note given by the renters : 5/5 You can see it here !

The Campervan:

The main asset is its size ! Indeed, smaller than motorhomes, it allows a better mobility. This type of vehicle is ideal for two adults with two young children as shown in Gille’s interview.

We distinguish the campervan from the conversion van : The height of a conversion van is always lower than 2 meters.

Conversion vans offers 2 berth most of the times:The more spacious is on the floor and the pop-up roof also allows a person to sleep there when the weather is decent. Travelers have at their disposal a fridge and a little kitchen, which is compulsory to be independent.

The campervans are real habitable vehicles. You can stand still, and they are equipped with a shower and toilets, in addition to the traditional features of this type of vehicle. It is ideal for week-end trips, and allow to be closer to the nature as well as travelling inside bigger cities.

Eric’s Van, already rented out 5 times. Note given to the vehicle: 5/5

If you still hesitate between several models,  we hope you now have some clues about what will suit you the most. Do you have any question left? If so, do not hesitate to comment this post. Our team will be there to help you …Have a good trip!

Joseph T

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