8 tips for an eco-friendly road trip in a motorhome

Every little counts
Tips for eco-friendly road trip

If you’re wondering how you can respect a destination, the environment and its people when travelling on the road, you’ve come to the right place. A getaway that combines motorhome and ecology is within your reach! In this article, you’ll uncover valuable tips for an eco-friendly road trip in a motorhome or van, without compromising your own comfort. Rediscover the simple pleasures of living in the moment and enjoy a rejuvenating holiday by making each step of your journey a memorable and respectful moment. Every little counts!

1. Plan your itinerary

Eco friendly motorhome road trip

Before you hit the road in your motorhome, get into “slow-travel” mode and reflect on how far you want to travel. Each and every kilometre between your home and your destination can be an opportunity to discover natural wonders and picturesque villages. By choosing to travel fewer kilometres, you can take the time to immerse yourself in the daily life of the region you’re visiting and experience the local culture while travelling more responsibly. So, instead of rushing around, make the most of every moment and discover hidden landscapes along the way.

2. Travel lightly

Eco friendly motorhome road trip

Less is more! When it comes to packing, remember to stick to the essentials: do you really need that extra jumper? If you're not sure how to travel sustainably in a motorhome or a van, bear in mind that the heavier the vehicle, the more fuel you will use! Why not hire bikes on site if you only need them once in a while? To lighten the load, consider buying all that you can along the way and avoid overloading the motorhome with water bottles and food supplies.

3. Take it easy and drive slowly

Eco friendly motorhome road trip

What if we told you that you could travel the roads and discover landscapes off the beaten track while reducing your fuel consumption? It's time to take your foot off the gas and rethink your driving style for an eco-friendly motorhome trip! By choosing country roads, reducing your speed to a maximum of 100km/h on motorways and limiting the use of air conditioning, you'll cut your fuel consumption and go a step further in lowering your greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Buy local and seasonal

Eco friendly motorhome road trip

Responsible shopping really is possible! Skip the supermarkets and consider buying local and seasonal products, preferably organic. And for your souvenirs, explore local crafts and cuisine. You'll support local producers and the icing on the cake? You'll get to try fresh and tasty food! Don't forget to bring your own reusable bags to avoid using disposable plastic bags and switch to glass containers for your bulk purchases.

5. Recycle your waste as much as possible

Eco friendly motorhome road trip

Less packaging means less waste! If you've taken note of the previous point, you'll reduce your waste and make a significant contribution to the environment, but let's be honest, there will always be some waste to get rid of in a motorhome. No need to panic, just think motorhome and environment! Make sure you recycle everything you can and dispose of waste in designated containers. When sorting your rubbish, separate glass, cans, plastic and wet waste. If you need information on sorting and collection points, feel free to contact the local authorities.

6. Use natural and zero waste products

Eco friendly motorhome road trip

Say goodbye to disposable plastic! Replacing single-use products, such as cotton buds and make-up remover wipes, with reusable solutions is very easy to do. Swap your usual toiletries with zero waste products and try solid products without any microplastic: organic soaps, reef-safe sunscreens and biodegradable washing-up liquids. A quick look at the label and you're ready to go! You can even find eco-friendly sun creams and mosquito sprays.

Be mindful of the products you use if you're about to go in the water. Even if the ingredients seem "clean", you shouldn't use soap to wash in a natural water source (river, lake, sea or ocean).

7. Get around on foot or by bike

Eco friendly motorhome road trip

For everyday short trips, consider walking or cycling. Not only will Mother Nature thank you for reducing your carbon footprint, you'll avoid driving in circles to find a parking spot for your motorhome! Whether you're by the sea or in the mountains, walking and cycling is one of the best ways to discover a destination and its surroundings without causing pollution. Enjoy access to beautiful areas far from the crowded roads and travel in a more eco-friendly and authentic way.

For more inspiration, check out our top 10 eco-friendly activities for your next holiday!

8. Leave no trace

Eco friendly motorhome road trip

Leave with more than just memories! For a more eco-friendly motorhome trip, always aim to leave the spot in an even better state than when you found it. Respect the wildlife, pick up your rubbish behind you, empty your waste water in the authorised dumping areas, remember to pick up packaging and food scraps... Even seemingly harmless produce like a banana peel can disturb the local wildlife! While fruit is biodegradable, pits and peels can endanger animals and damage the ecosystem if they aren’t native to the area. Ideally, when you leave the spot, try to erase all traces of your passage.

Ready to travel more responsibly? All that’s left to do is hire a motorhome or van on Yescapa for your next holiday! Embrace the freedom of the open road while appreciating the natural wonders and respecting the beauty of the landscapes you come across.

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Felicia H

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