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What better way to recharge your batteries than with a breath of fresh air? If you're looking for activities that combine the great outdoors and the environment for a more responsible motorhome trip, you've come to the right place. From walking to canyoning, discover eco-friendly activities and enjoy the beauty of nature while limiting your impact on the planet. These non-motorised activities produce no greenhouse gas emissions and are perfect for burning off energy, just as long as you respect nature and leave no trace. A holiday is always a good idea, but a holiday in harmony with the environment is even better!

1. Walking and hiking

Eco friendly activity

Walking is one of the best ways to discover a destination and its environment while you're on holiday. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll or an extreme hike, Europe is bursting with trails to suit all types of holiday. Its breathtaking scenery and varied terrain make it one of the most beautiful destinations for walking. Take time to observe the beauty of nature and get off on the right foot for a unique and environmentally friendly experience!

The Ring of Kerry in Ireland, the Cinque Terre in Italy, the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail in Portugal, the Fondry des Chiens in Belgium or the legendary GR20 in Corsica are among the most beautiful trails in Europe.

2. Cycling

Eco friendly activity

For those who love nature and the great outdoors, cycling is the perfect way to spend a holiday with family and friends. From quiet rides to thrilling mountain biking, Europe's network of cycle paths is bound to tempt you. Between mountain ranges, sun-kissed coasts and bucolic forests, you can discover places off the beaten track and recharge your batteries in the midst of lush green landscapes.

The EuroVelo network offers dedicated routes all over Europe.

3. Animal watching

Eco friendly activity

There is nothing more fascinating than watching a flock of birds in flight or observing an animal in its natural habitat... And the good news is that many species can be seen here in Europe without having to travel halfway around the world! Animal lovers, treat yourself to a moment of pure wonder and grab your binoculars for the chance to see species poking the tip of their snouts or beaks. Several nature reserves and dedicated spots allow you to explore European wildlife and species without harming the environment for a road trip that rhymes with motorhome and ecology.

Don't hesitate to download the Explorama or NaturaList mobile apps to observe and identify different species.

4. Canoeing and kayaking

Eco friendly activity

Canoeing and kayaking is an unmissable activity for a holiday along a river, lake or even the sea. Many European countries are perfect for learning the joys of paddling while enjoying the surrounding countryside. Discover remote areas and enjoy nature from a new perspective! As a couple or with family and friends, canoeing and kayaking can be tailored to fit your tastes and wishes, whether you're looking for a thrill or an unforgettable moment of peace and quiet.

5. Canyoning

Eco friendly activity

Can’t make up your mind between hiking, climbing and speleology? If you’re a nature lover and adrenaline addict, canyoning has everything you’re looking for! Explore crystal-clear rivers, jump from waterfalls and slip down natural slides in a mountainous setting surrounded by white water cascades. You'll discover off-the-beaten-track landscapes and natural treasures that aren't always easy to reach when you're travelling the roads in a motorhome or van.

The Riolan in France, the Cares Gorge in Spain and the Claretto in Italy are among the most beautiful canyoning spots in Europe.

6. Rafting

Eco friendly activity

If you’re a thrill seeker, rafting is made for you! With your family or friends, get into an inflatable raft and race down the white water rapids in the heart of the mountains. If you like canoeing, you'll love this activity which offers a similar experience for the whole family or your group of friends. Enjoy a refreshing break and beautiful scenery in a natural environment that is guaranteed to amaze young and old alike. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this environmentally friendly sport is accessible to everyone, just as long as you can swim.

7. Via ferrata

Eco friendly activity

Whether you're a weekend warrior or an extreme athlete, take up the challenge of the via ferrata! This activity consists of progressing along a rock wall with the help of ladders, ramps and cables set up along the way. You will experience unforgettable shivers as you hang from the wall, but the reward is worth the effort. In the heart of a natural landscape, recharge your batteries while taking in the panoramic views of the surrounding area. Once you've completed the course, take the time to enjoy a one-to-one moment with nature while limiting your environmental impact.

8. Surfing

Eco friendly activity

What better way to relax than with the ocean waves? For a holiday by the beach, surfing is the ultimate activity! From the huge waves of Nazaré in Portugal to the calmer currents of Lacanau in France, Europe's coastline offers a multitude of surf spots suitable for all levels. Ride the waves to your heart's content and admire the idyllic coastal scenery before taking a well-earned dip with nature.

Thurso in Scotland, La Gravière in France, Mundaka in Spain, Sankt Peter-Ording in Germany and many more spots can be discovered in Europe.

9. Paragliding

Eco friendly activity

Are you looking for a sense of freedom all the while feeling like you can fly? Well, don't look any further! Paragliding is the perfect way to experience the thrill of flying and enjoy a breathtaking view of the area you're visiting. Spectacular coastlines, rugged mountains, endless landscapes... Europe is full of varied paragliding spots and undoubtedly some of the most beautiful on the planet. So, are you ready to set off towards new horizons and travel more responsibly in your motorhome?

Tenerife in Spain, Annecy in France, Yorkshire Dales in England and Paganella in Italy are some of the most breathtaking spots in Europe.

10. Tree climbing

Eco friendly activity

Leaping from tree to tree and feeling a rush of adrenaline, that's what you can expect from a tree climbing session! High up in the trees, plunge into nature and feel an incredible sense of freedom. It's the perfect holiday activity to free your mind and disconnect from everyday life. Whether you're alone or in a group, let your imagination guide you as you lose yourself in the pine forest, climb up to the treetops and jump from perch to perch. Enjoy a fun and lighthearted moment on your road trip that combines motorhome travel and ecology.

If our top 10 eco-friendly outdoor activities have inspired you for your next holiday, find the perfect vehicle on Yescapa and get ready to discover new thrills in the heart of nature.

Felicia H

Felicia H

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