Best Ways to Find Campsites 2018

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The camping industry is changing rapidly in recent years as technology is beginning to play a bigger role in the traditional roadtrip. There are now new and easier ways to find the best campsites for your motorhome holiday to suit your needs. In this article we are looking at the best ways to find campsites in the top countries in the world for RV camping.


With one of the best infrastructures in the world for motorhomes, a fantastic variety of camping options, good weather and affordable gas prices, it’s no wonder the USA is one of the best countries to pursue your road trip dreams. With so much land to cover it’s important to know where to find campsites in the USA to make the most of your experience. 


France is a top spot for camper enthusiasts boasting a huge variety of landscapes to discover. The South of France is known for its beautiful winding countryside. It has reliable and wonderful summer weather, quaint villages, and stunning beaches. Did we forget to mention the wine too? No wonder it’s a big favourite. This region is stacked with vineyards making it a top spot to discover on a road trip! You can also head to the ¨Pyrenees or the French Alps for dramatic peaks to that will leave you in awe.There are as many as 3,000 RV campsites in France. A huge amount compared with around 1,100 in Germany and fewer than 400 in Spain.

Looking for campsites in France, or around Europe? Check out Caramaps who have over 45,000 locations to choose from. They include official sites, private spots and natural grounds to choose from.


It is said that you can drive out into the Australian Outback and not come across a soul for days. It’s a dream for rv’ers who want to explore off the beaten track and get closer to nature. The are also plenty of well organized campsites across the continent.


A UK road trip is not only the perfect opportunity to explore the vast and breathtaking British countryside, but it's also a brilliant way of checking out a whole host of new destinations you may otherwise have missed off the itinerary.

Searching for a vehicle for your next roadtrip? Rent a motorhome from local owners to save on costs and get the most out your trip!

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