Top tips to travel with a Baby in a Motorhome

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Congratulations - you’re about to embark on the trip of a lifetime! Going camping with a baby might seem like a lot of work, but on a baby camping trip, you’ll get to spend some quality time with your loved ones, strengthen the bond between you, and create invaluable memories together. There are, however, some things to take into consideration when you’re thinking about a baby camping holiday, and they’re listed right here!

Baby Equipment For Motorhomes

You’ll have to bring everything your baby needs to stay happy, comfy, and safe on your trip, and while you might be able to use items you already have, it’s time to go through them and see what measures up to the task. Size is probably the most important factor, making products with multiple uses an excellent choice. It might also be a good idea to check with the campsite if they have anything you can borrow - and to babyproof your vehicle, of course!

Car seat

Safety comes first, and you will need a car seat for your journey. Make sure that your seat fits in the campervan you’ll be using for the holiday, check that it can be safely attached not just to the interior of the vehicle but to the chassis, and read up on what laws the UK have for travelling with kids in motorhomes.

Baby bed

You’ll have lots of options to choose from when it comes to a cosy sleeping area for your child. Perhaps you can fit a whole cot in the campervan, or maybe a portable one? A Moses basket is another good choice, as is a bassinet. You could get creative and make an enclosed space with netting or a blanket as a hammock, or let the baby sleep with you - just don’t forget a baby sleeping bag!

Bringing your baby with you

There will be all sorts of walking, strolling, and hiking and you’ll want some options on how to carry your baby. Some prefer a sling which also is very easy to pack, others would rather use a baby carrier for a little more support. If you want to bring your buggy, make sure it folds nicely and will fit in the motorhome.

Changing your baby

Babies need to eat but they also need to be changed, and you’ll want to be able to do that in your campervan and not rely on public bathrooms. A portable changing table is perfect for this situation, and perhaps even better is a changing mat that takes very little space. Of course, you’ll need a changing bag too - don’t forget the nappies!

Food for your baby

Don’t forget to bring everything the baby needs for dinner time. This could be a breast pump, formula, or baby food and snacks, along with any equipment you need for heating the food up and keeping everything clean. You might be able to sterilise bottles with tablets or boiling water, but make sure to check.

Tips For Campervanning With a Baby

Now that you know what equipment you need, it’s time to become a proper expert in camping in a motorhome with a baby. What’s the secret to mastering this skill, you might wonder? One simple answer: preparation.

Prepare for the worst

Perhaps a little dire-sounding, this is nevertheless excellent advice. If you’re ready for the worst that can happen, there’s nothing that you’re not ready for. Flat tyre? Sorted. Can’t find the campsite? No problem. The campsite doesn’t have a changing table? You know what to do. In the same spirit, you’ll also want to be as flexible as possible.

Mind the space

You’ll need room for everyone’s stuff, and there’s always a lot of stuff. This doesn’t have to become a problem if you pack smart with as little and as lightweight equipment as possible. You might also want to consider carrying your baby rather than using a buggy that’ll take up valuable space.

Manage your time

Everything will take longer than it usually does; that’s just how it works with babies. Make the most of this by adding lots of breaks to your schedule and embracing the feeling of not being rushed for once. Travel known routes to avoid unpleasant surprises, wasting your time, and avoid peak hours by always being early - or late, if that’s more realistic!

Pick the right campsite

A child-friendly campsite can be worth its weight in gold, so do your research before booking to ensure you’ll have the best time. You might want an on-site shop, facilities appropriate for babies, and maybe a playground or lots of things to do. Perhaps you’re looking for an experience closer to wild camping, which is another great option - just make sure the campsite suits your wishes!

Bring some entertainment

Depending on how old your baby is, you might want to bring games, snacks, toys, books, or board games on your trip to keep everyone occupied when you’re on the road. Baby apps can also be useful, especially noise apps, if your baby is a light sleeper.

Be your own pharmacy

Babies get sick, and if it should happen on your trip, you’ll want to be prepared for anything. Bring whatever medicine your baby normally takes when feeling under the weather, and it might also be a good idea to know where the closest doctor is, just in case. Your baby might get carsick and need something for that, and you’ll want to bring some protection from the sun and annoying bugs as well.

Carry a change of clothes

This might sound obvious, but it can be easy to forget to bring some extra clothes if you’re just popping out for a little bit. A fresh change of clothes and some nappy sacks will sort you out no matter what accident your baby might have.

Last but not least, patience!

Babies are moody and messy, and sometimes they just don’t want to do whatever fun activity you had planned. That’s okay. Give yourself a break, and try again when your baby seems more in the mood - or do something completely different; it might turn out to be exactly what you all needed!

Have the absolute best of times on your family camping trip - and don’t forget that you can rent a motorhome with Yescapa if you don’t have one yourself!

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