Living in a motorhome


What are the advantages of living in a motorhome?

Mobility: visiting those far-away friends just got a lot easier. Never again have to worry about packing for a holiday!

Freedom: Get on the road and explore, you’re now more mobile than ever! The UK might be an island, but we’re only a short boat ride away from mainland Europe. As a full-time motorhomer, the whole continent is your oyster!

Social: Keep in touch with those friends who are difficult to visit and meet new people whilst staying at different campsites. Don’t like your neighbours? Then drive away from them!

Economic: save on expensive mortgages and council tax

Can you live in a motorhome?

Own a motorhome or looking to buy one? Have you ever considered moving in full-time? It’s a big step to take, but the answer is yes you can! It can be a very freeing and rewarding experience. Here are a few practical tips and things to consider help you get on the road full-time:


The first thing to consider is your address; you will still need a permanent address in the UK for your bank, employer, bills and insurance among others. We advise you to check with a relative or close friend who is easy to reach.

Parking your vehicle

A lot of seasonal campsites only allow you to stay for up to 28 days, while others will let you stay all year, but you may have to leave for a certain period of time. Make sure to check with the campsite first.

Storage space

Living in a motorhome means getting used to having less space, but this isn’t always a bad thing. A lot of people enjoy the excuse to get rid of all that old junk that we keep lying around and it makes life much easier when packing and travelling. Less junk = less stress!

Don’t forget your toilet!

Seasonal motorhomers tend to forget to empty their black pipe often enough. If you neglect your toilet, it will remind you! Keep in mind that as a rough guide, most full-time motorhomers (living alone) need to empty their black pipe 2 to 3 times a week.

What about the WIFI in a motorhome?

In the UK, you won’t have a problem with this, as many companies such as EE, 3 and Vodafone offer mobile broadband USB dongles. If you have a large amount of internet on your monthly phone contract, you can normally also ‘tether’ your phone as a WIFI hotspot.


Most campsites offer laundry services, but at £3.50 a load, this might not be the best long-term option. There are many smaller and portable washing machines available for motorhomes.

Make the most of your full-time motorhome

Maximise on space: if you are considering buying a motorhome for living, many offer a ‘basement’ for extra space. Fitting extra overhead cupboards will drastically help you save space while keeping everything tidy.

Decorate: motorhomes can lack that personal, homely touch, so don’t forget to decorate it as you as you would a normal home. Changing your light bulbs and repainting the walls can go a very long way to turning your vehicle into a true home-on-wheels.

Consider your energy sources: solar panels are definitely a great investment for any full-time motorhomer, saving you money and allowing you the freedom to park where you want without worrying about your vehicle battery.Read our blog post on solar panels to help you with this decision.

Your motorhome is a great investment: need a break from your motorhome? Don’t lose out on your investment! Publish an ad on Yescapa and help fund your travels.

For more tips about living in a motorhome, see our guide coming soon

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