Why choose a converted van

When it comes to travelling in style, this article has got you covered!

Travel and adventure lovers, this is in our opinion the best way to discover and experience nature, while having all your belongings handy for a stress free and brand new way to travel!

Travel off the beaten track

Who wouldn’t dream of owning their own home away from home? Think of waking up right in the middle of a forest in Scotland, with birds singing and a fresh cup of coffee, and not much else apart from serenity and peace. Turtles have it all figured out (and don’t get half the credit they should), bringing your home wherever you go  is so much handier than you can imagine.

Before setting off on your adventure, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to choose the perfect vehicle and to make the most of your “very cool” converted van!

What converted van should you choose?

There is A LOT of choice on the market. Don’t panic, this is a good thing!

Size matters

One of the most important thing to consider is possibly its size. Ask yourself how much space you will need, consider how tall you are, how many people are going to be travelling, and what commodities you would like your van to have (ie. is a washroom a must have?, How much storing space will I need?,etc. ).

Some people will favor sleeping space over walking areas. This is entirely up to you, however, keep in mind the UK is generally quite rainy and having some space to lay down a yoga mat, or a little couch to read your favourite book on while listening to the rain fall, can be a little slice of heaven.

How old is too old?

If you are unsure what model to choose, make sure to consider the make, the mileage and its general condition. The year is a good indicator, but the make, whether it is a diesel or not, and its general condition should  also influence your decision.

Our advice: Make sure you don’t buy something which will require too much work, unless you are already an experienced van converter!

Advantages of travelling in a converted van

Commitment free

If commitment is not your best attribute, think no further!

Freedom and independence are by far the best parts. You will be able to pick up and go as you please. One morning could be spent watching the sun rise in the Highlands and still catch the sunset from the other side of the country. A change of plans is suddenly not a very big deal, and generally those will be the times you will remember the most. Not having a set plan will allow for opportunities to sneak in and keep your trip as interesting as can be!

You'll meet other like minded people

You will also meet some of the most interesting souls. Travelling and living in a converted van will mean meeting similar people who have decided to explore the unconventional way. They will share their experience with you, give you some life saving tips and perhaps become lifelong pals!

Travel all year round

No matter the weather or time of year, you will still be able to get from A to B. Not only that but you will no longer need to spend hours looking for accomodation in the middle of the summer because you will have your very own bed waiting for you after a long drive! This can seem like not much, but have you ever spent a whole day driving through the mountains and having to find accomodation before dark?

Cost of a converted van

The investment of a lifetime!

You will find that whatever money is spent on converting your van or buying an already converted van, will be an investment you will never regret. Think of it as a way of saving money on all your future holidays. You will no longer need to hire a car, book a hotel room or be dependent on a group of other tourists. You will also no longer need to eat out (although we understand that eating fish and chips by the beach is a must!).

Travelling in a converted van will change the way you holiday and broaden your mind on all spectrums! After all, memories have no cost, right?

Getting started!

The time has come, you have bought the vehicle of your dreams, and are ready to make it into the cosiest home there ever was. Remember there are NO RULES, so let your inner child loose and make it exactly how you want it to look! Add colour to your converted van, if it makes you happy, have a big kitchen if you like cooking, but remember to make it YOURS. 

Planning ahead is key

Make sure to design and plan how you want to utilize the space before starting the conversion. Carefully weigh the ups and downs of how you choose to use the given space as it will be limited and make sure to take into account what other van converters have done in the past with their vehicle. Experienced van converters and their advice are what the travel community considers gold.

Also don’t forget to take into account where you would like to travel as this might influence your design and structure (if planning on visiting colder countries, insulation and heating are crucial).The freedom and practicality of converting your own van will be well worth all the effort fun it takes to get there!

Inspiration for your van conversion

If you would still like some additional ideas, you will find inspiration on various websites and blogs, such as Van Life Adventure where you’ll find detailed information on the full process of converting a van. There are more and more people wanting to change the way they travel and experience a completely new way of discovering the UK (and the rest of the world!). Their end result is always an extra boost to start converting your own van.

Remember to dream BIG and visualize the end product. Don’t be afraid to be different and make it your most authentic project. Even if your plans may change during the process of converting your van, your initial idea will most definitely flourish into something you are extremely proud of. This long lasting investment will be sure to create memories which will last forever for you and your family and friends.

Felicia H

Felicia H

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