Top 10 amazing places to visit in Sicily by campervan

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With its incredible scenery and countryside, Sicily is one of the pearls of the Mediterranean. The best way to discover Sicily is to experience an unforgettable road trip through nature, history and tradition.

In our opinion, the best way to travel to Sicily is by plane or ferry, and hire a motorhome or campervan in Palermo.

Wondering what to do or where to visit in Sicily? Try a campervan road trip, and check out our road trip itinerary of the top places to travel to in Sicily:

Catania, Taormina and Etna - Syracuse and Ragusa - Agrigento and Selinunte - Marsala and the peninsula of San Vito lo Capo - Palermo

From Catania to Taormina

Once in Catania we recommend taking a walk through the elegant historic centre: among its shaded streets and sunny squares you will come across numerous bars and street food stalls. Here the temptation to immediately experience a unique and unforgettable culinary experience is very strong. Among the best specialties of Catania we suggest you taste the arancino, fried rice filled with meat sauce and caciocavallo; and Sicilian cannoli, a dessert filled with fresh sheep's milk ricotta with candied fruit, chocolate drops and pistachio grains.

Rent a campervan in Catania

Along the coast, on the road that connects Messina to Catania, a mandatory stop is Taormina. This beautiful city is a rather busy and fashionable tourist destination. Visit its beautiful Greek theatre and take advantage of all its historical beauties and landscapes, such as the wonderful Isola Bella. A few kilometres from Taormina you can find well equipped rest areas and campsites in the nearby and pretty Giardini Naxos.

Mount Etna

From Catania we make a detour towards the interior of the island to reach Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe. Entering the Sicilian hinterland, the verdant landscape gives way to lava stone, giving the place a fascinating atmosphere. Along the way, take advantage of a relaxing stop at the Alcantara Gorges, where you can cool off in the pools of water or, if you like adventure, go canyoning in the river.

Once at the foot of the volcano, you shouldn't have any problems ascending Etna in a campervan up to 900 metres above sea level. From here on, continue on foot, or take the cable car that will take you up to 2500 metres. During the excursion, enjoy the extremely beautiful panorama. You may also notice warmth coming from the ground above the volcano.

From Syracuse to Ragusa

Leave Catania and continue along the eastern coast of Sicily until you reach the splendid Syracuse. The historic centre is located on the island of Ortigia, connected to the ground by two bridges. Along the way you will find many places, with a rich historical heritage that are worth a visit.

The Pantalica Nature Reserve is an important naturalistic-archaeological site. You will be fascinated by the extraordinary rock necropolis, a UNESCO heritage site, carved into the rock walls.

Neapolis is an archaeological park of great interest which houses the remains of the ancient Greek Theater and the Roman Amphitheater. Not far away, Fontane Bianche is a seaside resort where you can go snorkelling. Also pay a visit to Avola, the home of the well-known local black wine known as Nero d’Avola.

For history and architecture enthusiasts, follow the itinerary that crosses the Sicilian Baroque cities: Noto, Scicli, Modica. These cities, UNESCO sites since 2002, represent the pinnacle of Baroque art in Europe.

If, on the other hand, you want to immerse yourself in nature, we strongly recommend a small detour to the Vendicari Wildlife Oasis, a Nature Reserve with access to a heavenly beach.

Continuing towards the extreme southeast of Sicily, where the waters of the Ionian Sea meet those of the Mediterranean, the climate becomes very similar to that of Africa. Combat the high temperatures with a magnificent tangerine, watermelon or fig granita... or try Sgriccio: a fresh local drink made from lemons.

Agrigento and Selinunte

Continue your journey by campervan along the south-western coast of Sicily, discovering the archaeological sites!

The first is the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, where you will be dazzled by the beauty and majesty of the Greek temples and archaeological ruins. We recommend an evening visit, to take advantage of the magnificent sunset light! From here, treat yourself to a short relaxing stop, heading towards the beach until you reach the Scala dei Turchi: a high rocky cliff of white marl that descends in steps to the sea.

The second extremely interesting archaeological site is Selinunte. A complex of ancient Greek temples and spectacular ruins where it is possible to walk inside, immersing yourself in another distant era.

Marsala, Trapani and Erice

This camper trip in Sicily continues, from the wine road to the salt road. You will arrive in Marsala, a town with a pleasant historic centre. Here the warm wind, the perfumes and the architecture of the buildings still evoke its North African roots and the ancient Saracen influence, from which its name derives (Marsa-Allah: port of God). In this area you will find many vineyards, from which the characteristic local wine (Marsala) is produced; take advantage of a guided tour and a tasting.

Travelling along the coast towards Trapani in a campervan, at a certain point you will be amazed by a blinding whiteness, these are the salt pans: large pyramid-shaped piles of salt and windmills. A unique atmosphere that makes for a memorable sunset! Continuing north, we reach Trapani, from where it is possible to embark for the island of Favignana (in the Egadi archipelago) or towards the more distant Pantelleria. Leave the campervan in a rest area in Trapani and take the cable car towards Erice, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama and a magnificent view of the city.

The peninsula of San Vito lo Capo

After getting off Erice, take the campervan to continue your journey through Sicily. The next stop is San Vito Lo Capo, a renowned seaside and tourist resort where you can spend a relaxing day at the beach. On the peninsula of San Vito Lo Capo, about one km from the village of Scopello, one of the most precious Sicilian pearls is hidden, with seven kilometres of intact land. Welcome to Riserva dello Zingaro, a perfect nature reserve for trekking and snorkelling enthusiasts. From here you can admire sheer cliffs and take narrower paths that lead to coves or more private beaches, where the crystalline water hides seabed rich in corals and fish.

We take the camper again and in a short time we reach Segesta. In ancient times it was one of the main cities of the Elimi, a people who according to ancient tradition came from Troy. Conquered first by the Carthaginians and then by the Romans, today Segesta is an archaeological park that houses some particularly beautiful finds, such as the Doric-style temple, from the 5th century BC, and the Greek theatre from the 3rd century BC, partly dug into the rock of the hill.

Back on the road, head by campervan to the last stage of our grand tour of Sicily…

Palermo and the Tyrrhenian coast

Know that this city will remain in your heart: the people, the neighbourhoods, the buildings, the streets, the history... Palermo is the result of Arab-Norman art, a symbol of the harmonious coexistence of different styles and cultures. An example is the famous Palatine Chapel, inside the Palazzo dei Normanni, built starting from 1130 by the will of the Norman king Roger II, it is a precious treasure chest where Latin, Arab and Byzantine elements coexist in perfect harmony. Besides art, a visit to Palermo requires 2 things: street food and popular markets! We recommend a visit to the Ballarò market and a taste of the panelle (very thin chickpea flour pancakes, seasoned with salt and lemon) or a sandwich with spleen, in one of the numerous street food stalls along all the streets.

If you want to continue your campervan trip in Sicily, you can even travel further along the northern coast of the island… up to Messina!

Can't wait to leave on your own road trip through Sicily? Don't delay any longer and find your ideal campervan or motorhome in Sicily on Yescapa. Whether you are travelling as a couple, as a family or with friends, there is the perfect leisure vehicle for each occasion to get the most memorable experience Sicily has to offer.
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