Top Spanish Winter Sun Destinations 2018!

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January… possibly the most challenging month of the year in terms of vitamin D deficiency! Nowadays, the sun tends to get a bad rep health-wise, even if Seasonal Affective Disorder is more and more frequent. Fear not! You don’t have to wait another 6 months, Spain is just a short flight away.

Here is a list of our favourite winter sun destinations in Spain for motorhomers. Enjoy!


Sun lovers and history lovers alike will appreciate this medieval part of Andalusia. Càdiz is the 4th sunniest city in Spain, with an average yearly temperature of 18°C. Making it an ideal destination to travel to in your motorhome if you are trying to fill up on some well-deserved vitamin D.

When is a good time to travel?

The best time to discover this unique part of the south of Spain by motorhome is in February. Each year and for two weeks long, Càdiz becomes a true fiesta, even more than throughout the year! This world-famous carnival is mostly alive thanks to its satirical groups of performers called chirigotas who perform throughout the city for two full weeks (from 8-18 February 2018).

How do I get there?

Càdiz is linked to mainland Spain via the European road E5, connecting it directly to major cities such as Sevilla, Madrid and Algeciras, making it extremely accessible by motorhome or campervan. The closest airport is Jerez Airport, which is about 40 km north of Càdiz.

Things to do

Once in Càdiz, you will find various campsites in order for you to park your motorhome. After that, you are free to hit the beach and forget that it is the middle of winter back home!

La playa de la Caleta is one of the most popular beaches in Càdiz. Well known for its Cuban like scenery, it was even used as a set for a few of the opening scenes of the James Bond movie Die Another Day.


Also named the Red Island, Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands. With over 3,000 hours of sun per year and only 100 km from the north coast of Africa, it is the ideal winter sun destination for watersport lovers such as surf, kitesurfing, and many others and ease of access for motorhomes and campervans.


With only about three days of rain per month in winter, it is safe to say that the upcoming months are perfect to discover a more exotic part of Spain. From February to May, temperatures range from 17°C to 34°C, making it an ideal destination to rent a motorhome or campervan and avoid the cold.

Surf conditions are known to be best from October to May.

You may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some professional windsurfers!

How do I get there?

As Fuerteventura is an island, you can either travel by ferry which will allow you to travel freely through the island in a motorhome or campervan. This is a popular way to get around as you can cross the island in less than 40 minutes and there are many campsites where you will be able to park and maybe bike around the island to make the most of the weather. Otherwise, the airport is on the Eastside, close to Puerto del Rosario, where you will also be able to rent out a motorhome or campervan.

Things to do

Fuerteventura is an Island suited for water sports lovers and beach enthusiasts alike. There is a list of beaches which are most popular for surfing, but also for non-surfing partners who simply want to enjoy the white sandy beaches. Punta Elena (Shark Bay), Playa Morro (Drop Beach) or even Playa Blanca are most popular for beginners and advanced surfers alike.

Additionally, Lanzarote island is a popular day-trip destination as it is only 20 mins on the ferry, on which you will be able to bring your motorhome or campervan to drive around the island as you wish.

The Costa Blanca

With beaches longer than 200km, Costa Blanca is a winter destination like no other with (as its name indicates) a long stretch of white sandy beaches. People have been travelling through the Costa Blanca since the 1950s, and now more than ever. The coastline encompasses major cities, such as Alicante or Benidorm, making it a well developed and attractive tourist attraction.


With temperatures rising as high as 25°C in January- February, Costa Blanca is ideal for those seeking some winter sun without being disturbed by large numbers of tourists. Although days will start off crisp and cool, rain will be quite rare, allowing you to make the most of your trip with mountain and seaside walks.

Flights will be significantly cheaper in winter, and low season motorhome hire rates also. However, it important to keep in mind that only major cities will stay busy all year round, as more rural areas will be relatively quiet. In our opinion, the off-season is perhaps the most perfect time to explore, as you will feel as though you have the coast pretty much to yourself.

How do I get there?

Travelling by motorhome or campervan is one of the best ways to travel down the Costa Blanca as you will be able to see the unique beauty and variety of the landscape this side of Spain has to offer. Major airports also serve the area such as Alicante Elche Airport, or Valencia airport. From there you can organize to rent a motorhome from locals, some of them will even offer an airport pick up and drop off. 

Things to do

Being a coastal part of Spain, beach lovers will find a mild climate from November to March. There are hundreds of different walks to explore in Costa Blanca with breathtaking sceneries, and the winter months are by far the best time to enjoy a tourist-free vacation. Campsites will be cheaper too at this time of year if you are planning to travel by motorhome.

The main particularity of the local landscape is having a mountain range so close to the beach. You could very easily climb the Jalón Valley (approximately 700m) or drive up in your motorhome/campervan in the morning and see snow, and then spend the afternoon catching some rays at the beach.

Major cities are extremely close by such as Valencia and Alicante if you are after a more culture and nightlife orientated trip. Unique architecture, an array of restaurants and possibly Spain’s best nightlife are located in Valencia, while Alicante is a smaller but busier and more historical place.


Further south is another heaven like a peninsula, in the heart of Spain’s Andalusia. Easily reachable by motorhome, this medieval city is home to many underground galleries, a Cathedral, and Renaissance influenced churches and buildings.

Popular around the world, and due to its arid landscape, Almeria was used for many film sets, such as David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia (1962).


With a desert-like climate, Almeria is one of the driest zones on both shores of the Mediterranean coast, making it a truly unique part of Europe. Indeed, Almeria does not have any registered temperature below zero, in its recorded weather history. This makes it an ideal winter destination for anyone looking for a tropical holiday when travelling in a motorhome or campervan.

Winter months in Almeria are perhaps even more tolerable than summer months, as temperatures during summer can easily reach 45°C. Generally speaking, temperatures in January - March are not as extreme but still tend to be above the 20°C mark.

How do I get there?

You can reach the city of Almeria by land, via the A-7 Motorway. Coming from France or Italy by motorhome is a beautiful drive as you can stay along the coast and stop by as you please to enjoy the eastern beaches of Spain.

The port of Almeria also offers connections to Melilla, Algeria or Morocco.

Things to do?

Due to its arid weather, we highly recommend laying on the beach, yes, even in the middle of winter!

For those more interested in discovering the historical side of the city, the Alcazaba is perhaps the most famous sight to see, a medieval fortress destroyed in 1522 by a major earthquake.

Similarly, the Almeria air raid shelters are a must-see. Used by civilians during the Civil War, these underground galleries are the longest in Europe which are open to tourists.

Almeria is one of those magical fairytales like city, Oriental and European all a once, a true gem.

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