Guide to Visit Málaga in a Campervan

the alcazaba and gibralfaro

The Spanish Costa del Sol is sought after by many travellers including happy campers! Overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, the golden sandy beaches and all-year-round warmth are a paradise on Earth.

The Málaga province is full to the brim with history, architecture, culinary treasures, and hidden beaches. There are also multiple spots for camping Málaga, which makes it a must-see during your camper-travels in Southern Spain.

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Places to visit in Málaga

From historic sites to beautiful sandy beaches, and even Hammam Arab baths, the list of places to visit Málaga is endless. To help you out, we put together our own visit Málaga travel guide below, where you can find our favourite sites and also some tips about travelling and camping Málaga.

The Alcazaba and Gibralfaro

Two Moorish-style fortified citadels make the top pick in our Málaga travel guide, the first of which Alcazaba, was built by the Hammudid dynasty in the early 11th century. It’s located on the very top of a hill and provides impressive views of the sea from the well-maintained gardens.

On top of Mount Gibralfaro, you will stumble upon Castillo Gibralfaro, the ruins of a 14th-century castle, and a museum. Walking up the hill, you’ll immediately be delighted by the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape - but then, when you spot the Castillo itself - it might just take your breath away!

Costa del Sol

If sunshine and beach life is your thing, then you must make it a point to visit Málaga. On the Costa del Sol you can enjoy anything from beautiful Mediterranean beaches to amusement parks, marinas, and even golf! You can spend long days on the beach getting your tan-on, visit amusement parks for thrills and excitement, perhaps even go on a sailing trip or a tea-time - all in one spot!


Museo Picasso Málaga

Being Picasso’s birthplace, it would be a shame for our Málaga travel guide not to showcase the museum dedicated to the well-known 20th-century artist. One of our favourite places to visit in Malaga, with more than 200 works by the artist on display at the museum. These are housed in the exquisitely restored 16th-century castle.


The principal river of Málaga, fed by the Sierra de Alhama in Granada, an adjacent province. It is surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation and adds great walking-by-the-river moments to your trip.

Roman Theatre

The Romans loved their spectacles and ruins of theatres are left pretty much everywhere they ruled. These amphitheatre style ruins in Málaga are also accompanied by a museum that has various artefacts from the Roman era on display.

Cathedral of Málaga

This Renaissance Cathedral boasts beautiful architecture, a high-ceiling interior and stained-glass, and is demonstrative of true Renaissance style. It is nicknamed La Manquita, which translates to “the one-armed lady” because it has a tower on one end that remained unbuilt, creating an a-symmetrical building which was uncharacteristic of the times.

One of the most popular places to visit in Malaga, it’s worth visiting here either in the early morning on weekends, or during the day on weekdays.

Port of Málaga

The oldest active seaport in Spain and activities include commerce, cruise-liner tourism, and fishing. A walk along the port is a must if you are following our Málaga travel guide. It provides unparalleled views, and it’s something unique that other provinces in the South of Spain do not offer.

If you’re looking for camping Malaga, then you’ll be pleased to hear that just by the port - there is a large flat area that is an unofficial camping sites near Malaga - with plenty of international and local visitors using the area!


Driving a motorhome or campervan in Spain

A campervan is a great way to travel around Spain, and anywhere really. It reduces your travel costs by combining your lodging and transportation and by giving you the ability to cook your own meals while on the road. Moreover, let’s just say that driving around in your home adds some coolness points to your trip!

After enjoying the wonder of Málaga, we suggest you to discover the whole amazing Andalusia by motorhome.

This unique travel-style has its perks but also comes with its own set of challenges. It will almost require a new way of thinking about your travel plans and costs, especially if it’s your first time. There is a learning curve, but that's why I'm here to help! Some things to keep in mind are:


When you visit Malaga, it’s worth noting that, as with most historic city centres - the majority is kept vehicle free. Out of the city, there may be roads where you can park your campervan for a fee and sometimes, you can even leave it in a parking lot, which is perhaps the more expensive option of the two.

If you want to move away from the city and visit rural and natural spots, you can find camping sites near Malaga, these come with their own set of expenses but Spain is relatively warm, and you likely won’t need overnight hook-up, which will reduce costs.

Being able to park your “home” anywhere gives you great flexibility in your travels. You can enjoy the richness of the city on the one day and the relaxation of nature the next.

Fuel Costs

It can cost up to three times as much to travel with your motorhome or campervan than it would with a regular vehicle. It would be useful to check gas prices and the mileage you expect to cover to budget out your trip. However, higher fuel costs don’t necessarily mean that you will be splurging because your accommodation costs are non-existent in this case.


Europe has held various civilisations that impacted it over the years making it the culturally rich continent that it is. A side-effect of this is that a large part of Europe was developed back in the day when people did not travel by motorised vehicles, least of all big ol' campervans! Spain is no different. Certain roads can be very narrow, and you cannot drive everywhere - especially not in a campervan. So plan your routes carefully!

All these factors are to be taken into consideration when planning your campervan trip to Málaga. A little planning goes a long way to avoid unpleasant surprises on your journey. That's why it is essential to be a responsible camper and to come prepared.

Visit Málaga in a campervan!

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We have included some great tips in this article to get you started, but a more thorough (and our absolute favourite resource on the subject) is a downloadable ebook created by Yescapa that offers invaluable tips about driving campervans and motorhomes stress-free around Europe.

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