Semana Santa: 5 different ways to discover Spain’s Holy Week

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In Spain, Semana Santa is one of the most popular holidays. The whole country comes alive to the rhythm of festivities and great processions. Beyond being a religious celebration, it is a grandiose event to experience during a road trip!

Experience Holy Week with a van or motorhome getaway in 5 Spanish cities chosen by Yescapa.

Magnificent celebrations in Seville

Seville holds one of the most elaborate processions of the holy week. It is full of religious history and different art demonstrations, best known for its famous procession of “pasos”, organized by different brotherhoods known as “cofradías y hermandades”, and is of extreme importance to the locals.

Elche, Alicante

Holy Week in Elche is a true open-air spectacle, bringing together both locals and tourists in an ancestral tradition. Day and night, the Elche Holy Week will shine bright. Best known for Palm Sunday, as their handcrafted braided palms steal the show.

Lorca, Murcia

The Lorca Holy Week, also known as the “Whites and Blues” because of the two brotherhood’s rivalry, stands out for its processions of Roman Emperors, Egyptian troops, and Roman Gods in heavy carriages. Luxury and flamboyant are the two words that best describe this procession.


If you happen to be travelling by van, you can’t miss the Salamanca Holy Week. Apart from being their most important religious event of the year, this procession stands out for its beautiful processions with the streets of the historic city centre as a background, making it one of the most stunning to see.

Calanda, Teruel

Semana Santa in Calandra is also one worth the trip, and where the sound of drums can be heard in every corner of the village. The most awaited event in this Holy Week is called the “Rompida de la Hora” the breaking of the hour, the moment the absolute silence of Good Friday gives way to the sound of more than 1000 drums beating in unison, filling the whole town with an incredible sound.  

Now that you know the best places to celebrate Holy Week, hire a motorhome, van or campervan on Yescapa and experience this Spanish tradition as close as possible to the festivities!

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