Things to do in Northamptonshire

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Northamptonshire located in the East Midlands of England. It sports gentle rolling hills and farmland over much of the county and is a great place to visit on a road trip. The county also has numerous large towns which are great to stop by and visit, most notably the town of Northampton.


Your first stop should be the county town of Northampton. It’s a town with a rich culture, fantastic heritage buildings, national quality theaters, art galleries, museums and the prestigious Northampton University. Hire a van in Northampton and enjoy acres of beautiful green parks and the charming Marina and waterside. Northampton weather is known to get quite a bit of rain so pack the brolly before you begin. Also check the travel news for Northampton (offered by the BBC here) for live updates to avoid traffic jams in rush hour.

If you’re looking for van hire in Northampton you can choose to hire a range of vans from local owners in the area.

Northampton City Centre

If your looking for places to visit in Northampton you have to check out The Abbey Buildings and their gardens which showcase a beautiful oasis.

You also have to visit Guildhall, the most iconic and recognisable building in Northampton. This 19 century gothic structure was designed by Edward Godwin. It has 7 beautiful windows with a clock tower at its centre.

Check out Northampton's market square too, it is one of the UK’s largest and most historic market squares, dating back to 1235. The market is open from Tuesday to Saturday every week with activities taking place throughout the year.

When you hire a van in Northampton you can visit the surrounding county countryside of Northamptonshire with ease. Here are some of our favourite spots.

Things to do in Northamptonshire

Llama Trecking

If you visit Northampton this summer make sure to check out the Catanger Llamas in Towcaster. It's a llama park where you go llama walking in the country side. It’s just a short drive out into the Northamptonshire countryside. You can and enjoy llama trekking and the beautiful scenery. There are lots of different llama trecks that depart from this llama farm in the summer and booking in advance is advised to avoid missing out on this unique experience. Check out the Catanger Llamas website for more info.

Tanks A Lot

Tanks A Lot is a great spot for those looking for a tank driving experience. Located in Heldom, Tanks A Lot sports over 100 acre of land with more than100 tanks and military vehicles. It even offers visitors a chance to drive a tank rather than just watching. The Tanks A Lot experience is educational and you can see a a huge range of legondary tanks such as the Chieftain Tank, which is one of the most powerfull tanks of all time. Leave your vehicle in the parking lot and drive a tank instead. This is where you'll get your tank driving experience in the UK. For more info see their website here

Brixworth Country Park

This park is well planned and kept pristine. There are plenty of benches to rest and admire the beautiful views of the famous Pitsford Reservoir. We recommend you hire a bike as their are plenty good cycle paths. However the walking routes are still suitable for all levels of fitness and offer great views of Pitsford water.

Althorp House

Athorp house is a grade 1 listed stately home. It's a beautiful house set in natural surroundings and is famous for having been the home of Princess Diana and her family. It is also where Princess Diana is buried. There is a photo exhibit of Dianna at the house  and a statue of Diana by the lake where flowers can be left and are later placed by her grave each day by the groundskeepers. Deer and sheep wander aroud these beautiful grounds and really bring a peacefull atomosphere to the Althorp Estate.

Rockingham Castle

Rockingham Castle is a former royal casle and hunting grounds located in the Rockingham Forest and is one of the most historic castles in Northamptonshire. The castle gardens are very formal, colourfull and very well kept. the views are fantastic at the top. You can see for miles over Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. Keep on eye on their website calander for Rockingham Castle Events which are often hosted around Christmas time and throughout the summer season.


If you're interested in visiting these sights why not hire a van in Northamptonshire to make the most out of all this wonderfull country has to over. For campervans and motorhomes to hire in Northamptonshire visit

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