15 Gift Ideas for Travelers

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Christmas is fast approaching and it is time to offer some gifts to your dear relatives and friends. You don’t have any ideas ?! Don’t worry, we take care of everything ! If you are looking for original and useful gifts for friends who are passionate about travels, find here 15 gift ideas for a traveler.

1. Scratch Map

Let’s begin with a classic for any travel enthusiast ! Scratch the countries that you have visited to keep track of all the lovely trips that you have made so far.
Price : 20€
Buy it here

2. Scrubba Wash Bag

Travelers and campers will love this Australian invention. This pocket-sized wash machine will allow you to wash your clothes wherever you are, without electricity ! Whether you are traveling, camping or trekking, this little device will be your best partner ! Add 3 liters of water and you will have the same result as a traditional wash machine in 3 minutes.
Price: 50 €
Find more information here : Scrubba

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3. Print your pictures with Cheerz

For Christmas, offer souvenirs with Cheerz ! Formerly Polabox, Cheerz allow you to print pictures from your phone, Facebook or Instagram. The box looks fabulous and the quality is really good. We advise to order the Christmas Cheerz Box with 30 to 45 pictures.
Price : 20 €
Buy it here : Cheerz

4. GoPro

Pictures are great, but showing to your friend a quality video of your trip is even greater ! While biking, running, swimming, you can film your adventures without worrying about if your camera will handle it. The new GoPro 4 is truly a beautiful gift.
Price : 399 €
Buy it here

5. Go Travel Bag Packers

This 3 piece luggage organiser is the ideal gift to stop worrying about how to pack all your stuff ! It is also useful to protect your items and the large bag packer can contain 4-5 shirts. Packing and unpacking has never been that simple !
Price : 15 €
Buy it here

6. Lifestraw Water Filter

A gift more than useful for any traveler who likes isolated places. This water filter allows to suppress at least 99,99% od the bacteria and parasites in the water. It can filtrate more than 1000 times which should be enough if you do not live full-time on a desert island !
Price : 25 €
Buy it on Amazon

7. Selfie Stick for Smartphone

Here is a funny gift to bring for your next trips. It will allow you to take original pictures with our friends or family.
Price: 10 €

9. Go Travel Super Snoozer

Your best friend for long hours in a plane, car or motorhome. It only takes a few seconds for you to inflate it and you wil be able to store it easily in your bag.
Price : 20 €
Buy it here
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10. Handpresso Auto

Definitely the ultimate gift for coffee lovers! This portable coffee machine is powered by a 12V cigar lighter and is compact enough to fit anywhere in the cup holder of your car or motorhome.
Price: 149 €
Buy it on Handpresso

Would you like to know the best ways to make coffee on the go? Read about the ideal portable coffee maker.

11. Fizzer Postcards

You do not have so much budget for a gift ? Offering credits on Fizzer might be a good idea. It allows people to send postcards with their personal pictures directly from any computer, smartphone or tablet.
Price for 5 cards : 10 €
More information on Fizzer
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12. Mobile Battery Charger

Also a nice gift for small budgets. Who has never been out of phone battery ? You won’t ever experience it anymore thanks to this little battery.
Price: 15 €
Buy it on Serial Kombi

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13. A tablet

For those who are passionate about litterature or movies ! We cannot always afford to bring 5 books while on holidays. With a tablet, you can bring your whole library, holidays pictures, or movies. A good way to occupy the time spend on the road.
Price : Starting from 150€

14. Universal World Travel Charger

A gift that will be necessarily useful to all the travelers who go abroad. With dual USB plugs and US/EU/AU/UK plugs, you will be able to go everywhere !
Price : 15 €
Buy it here

15. A Weekend in a Motorhome

A beautiful gift to end this list : A weekend in a motorhome or in a campervan to discover France or Spain.
Price : 200 €

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Felicia H

Felicia H

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