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Do you remember that year when your aunt Simone gave you Barbie's campervan toy for Christmas, when you really would have preferred a plane? What a disappointment, given that you already imagined you would travel the world, admire the Northern Lights in Norway and meet Prince Charming on a paradise island.

Who would have thought that years later you would be travelling in your own fully equipped van? Finally, your aunt Simone was right... 

Camper van toys: Discover the explorer in you

Dusted off from its old-fashioned image, the campervan is not just a passion but has become a way of life. One that we pass on to the younger generations from a very young age and how better to do so than by means of toys? 

Nowadays, motorhome toys are indeed more popular than ever and there are no less than a hundred different ones to choose from, each one more realistic than the last. In order to make your choice easier, we prepared a list of the 5 best campervan toys. Naturally, the choice depends on your preferences and is completely subjective. Every single one of them will accomplish to make its new owner dream, imagine unforgettable journeys and develop an explorer's soul ....

The Playmobil camper van

Let's go, let's go on holiday! The Peppa Pig camper van is a great camper van toy for fans of the animated television series. This one includes several accessories, such as four characters, four berths, a table, chairs, dishes and food. Children can play to prepare food in the kitchen area and they have access to storage places in the rear and the roof, which can be opened, just as the awning. Available for around 50€, the Playmobil camper boosts the imagination of children from 4 to 10 years old.

The Barbie dream camper van

Barbie dream camper van

We arrive on top of the range of toy motorhomes with this extensible Barbie camper van of more than 60cm. Priced at around 80€, this toy camper van not only has real furniture and removable accessories, but also a swimming pool, a hammock, a terrace and a campfire. Another advantage: The Barbie camper will delight parents to know that they no longer have to step on the toy's mini accessories thanks to its interior storage system.

The L.O.L. camper van 

The L.O.L. campervan will be the perfect present for L.O.L. Surprise! fans. The toy camper van comprises a long list of accessories, such as a removable cab, beds, a bathroom and more than 10 play areas. The L.O.L surprise campervan even features lights and sounds including pool lights. Additionally, the L.O.L camper can be expanded to its full 2 foot height to make room for all of the L.O.L. Surprise! dolls. This toy set is suitable for children older than 3 years and costs about 130€

The Lego campervan

Lego Camper van toy

Another motorhome, which made it on our list of the best campervan toys is the Lego VW camper van. This one is for the most courageous kids, as it first needs to be built by the hands of a brave little traveller. This is also what van life is all about, first you have to prepare your vehicle for departure.

Then it's time to have fun with the Lego camper, which is fully equipped with an opening roof, an extendible awning, a separate tent, a fully equipped kitchen, a picnic table and even a terrace. The most important feature of this fully equipped vehicle though, is its inflatable boat

Available for around 70€, the Lego VW camper is suitable for children from 7 to 14 years old.

Toy VW camper van

VW toy camper

You have already travelled countless kilometres on the roads of France and Europe, first in your converted van, then over the years you have opted for more comfort. But it's time to get back to the basics, go back to the 60s with this reproduction of a Volkswagen campervan.

All the little details are there to remind you of your memories: the famous logo, the shape and not forgetting the two-piece safari windshield. For around 100€, this is an essential gift for all camping car enthusiasts and collectors. It is therefore not only suitable for kids, but also for adult travel lovers, making this one of the best camper van toys for all ages.

If you want to give your children a treat, why not do so with a present which helps them foster their imagination? A campervan toy can be a good choice to do so, especially as a Christmas present. Hopefully, our list of the best camper van toys can help you make your choice!

Campervan for Christmas

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