An atypical road trip to Fashion London Show

fashion london show

London Fashion Week is probably the most exciting time of the year for fashion enthusiasts. Beginning on Feb. 19, it could be the perfect Valentine’s day surprise for your loved one if she is into the latest styles.

The event may seem quite hard to attend if you are not working in that industry, but here are some tips that will get you started.

Where can I park my motorhome in London ?

As shown by the very stylish motorhome in which Jean-Paul Gaultier arrived at the art gallery in Munich, fashion and caravanning do not necessarily have to be antonyms !

Here are 3 campsites that we recommend in the area :

Theobalds Park : Located 15 miles north of Central London, this campsite is close to the train station and there is a handy shop on site. Crystal Palace caravan club : The N°3 Bus will take you directly to Oxford Circus. The shops and bars are just a quick walk away. Abbey Wood Caravan Club : 35 mins from Central London by train

Where to buy tickets ?

Tickets start at £20 for the bronze package that will allow you entrance the London Fashion Weekend, benefit from the exclusive partner offers (more than 150 brands) and have access to the Open Talks if you are lucky.

Others packages will allow you to have a lot more access (especially to the catwalk show) and range from £20 to £145. You can buy tickets here.

What can I do without tickets ?

If you cannot buy tickets but are still interested in seeing bits of what happens at this creative event, there are a few things that you still can do.

Formerly in Somerset house, the LFW tent is now in Brewer Street, and you can take pictures of the venue and the people that you will encounter around. Many bloggers, artists and designers will be there and chances are that you will be able to talk to them between two events.

If you are more attracted by staying at home under a warm blanket, we advise that you have a look here. You can stream the Fashion Show by following this link.

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