Glastonbury Carnival 2018

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What is the Glastonbury Carnival?

The Carnivals of Somerset are well know to be the largest immuniate processions across Europe and passes through multiple towns. The Glastonbury Carnival sports a 50ft long procession full of magnificent luminous floats, the result of months of hard work provided by the Somerset Carnival clubs. The gaudy but spectacular floats are equipped with over 30,000 light bulbs, carrying their cargo of wild dancers and blaring music.The atmosphere is electric, leaving a feast for the eyes and ears of all the visitors, adults and children alike.The Glastonbury Carnival may take second place to the town’s famous Glastonbury Music Festival but it still draws huge crowds of around 150,000 visitors every year. Check out some of the highlights of last years Glastonbury Carnival here

Where and when does the Carnival take place?

This years Glastonbury Carnival takes place Saturday November 17, two weeks after Guy Fawkes Night. Roads will close from 6pm to make way for the processions (see road closure details here).The best way to enjoy the show is to arrive in the town at 5pm before the roads start to close. The Glastonbury Carnival is completely free but please remember to donate to local charities collecting at the event and help keep the carnival running.

The procession will gather on the Glastonbury Relief Road from Northload Roundabout to the Tinbridge roundabout and in Paradise Road. The pre-procession will then start at 6.30pm with the main procession beginning at 7pm.

Where to stay at the Glastonbury Carnival?

If you’re looking for a place to stay for this year’s Glastonbury Carnival it may be difficult with the influx of tourists, so book hotel accomodation early. You can also hire a motorhome in Glastonbury and stay in some of the local campsites to avoid the tourist crowds and to easily visit the local area. You can hire a leisure vehilce from local owners in your area or pick up when you arrive at Glastonbury.

Parking at Glastonbury?

If you’re driving to Glastonbury for the carnival be aware there is limited Limited car parking is available within the town centre. In council run car parks normal car parking charges. There are also official Glastonbury Carnival car parking  zones which cost £5. They are available at the following stores:

Tesco’s. B&Q Tor Leisure (next to Morrisons) Tor Leisure (bottom of Benedict Street)

Please not charging for car parking that is not in the above list are not collecting on behalf of the Glastonbury Carnival and cannot issue an official parking receipt which must be displayed in your vehicle.

For more information on hiring a motorhome for Glastonbury see

Enjoy the Carnival!

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