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On the eve of your departure,you are looking for tips to avoid traffic jams and to take a trouble-free road trip. The GPS is the ideal solution to optimize the time spent on the road and to enjoy the route ahead. However, it is not always easy to do the right choice among the multitude of devices on the market. That is why you will find blow some ideas that could help you to find your GPS for motorhome.

Why to choose a GPS for motorhome ?

Some satellite navigation systems are specially conceived for motorhomes. Several features have been designed to make life easier for motorhomers :

Itinerary depending on the size of your vehicle : no more surprises on the road, you won’t ever be stuck under a bridge or on a tight road. You indicate the dimensions of your vehicle and your GPS will custom the itinerary; Research of points of interest (POI) : you have access to a database that lists campsites and other points of interest; a bigger screen : the screens of the GPS for motorhomes are usually bigger than on standard ones.

Garmin Camper, one of the best GPS for motorhomes

The GPS Garmin Camper 760LMT-D for motorhome has been specially designed and conceived for motorhomers. Equipped with a 7 inch screen with voice command, it provides a nice comfort of use.

This satnav device offers several features that will delight the motorhome enthusiasts.

Where are the closest campsites ?

Thanks to the ASCI and MHF databases, you have access to a list of parking areas and campsites that you can refine depending on your criteria. Do you wish to stop on a campsite that has a restaurant and a playground ?  Do it easily with the Garmin Camper. The function “Up Ahead” can also be very useful as it informs you about different POI such as restaurants or gas stations.

A navigation system designed for motorhomes

The GPS for motorhome Garmin Camper 760LMT is provided with maps that covers more than 45 countries in Europe. This GPS customizes your route depending on the size and the type of the vehicle in order to avoid low bridges or narrow streets. You also have access to the traffic alerts that will help you to avoid the jams.

Drive safely

The Garmin GPS offers you a secure travel thanks to its voice command. Its feature, Garmin Real Directions, allows an intuitive guidance by focusing on visual landmarks such as monuments or buildings. You can also phone using a hands-free kit thanks to the Bluetooth synchronization of the GPS.

GPS for motorhome TOMTOM Go 600

Our second choice would be the GPS for motorhome TOMTOM Go, which is an excellent travel buddy that has nice finishing touches.It is equipped with a 5 inch screen (smaller than the Garmin Camper) and the maps can be displayed in 2D or 3D.

Travel and peacefulness

The maps of the device cover 45 countries in Europe and adapts your route depending on the vehicle you drive (length, height) to avoid bad surprises and loss of your (precious) holiday time ! The TOMTOM Go gives you access to 20 000 points of interest that are essential to motorhome enthusiasts. Are you looking for a restaurant, pharmacy or library ? Thanks to TomTom Places, you will find all you need around.

No worries, you drive with TOMTOM Go Camper

The GPS TOMTOM helps you to travel without worrying. With HD Trafic and TomTom Trafic, you will obtain information about the traffic in real time, whether jams or dangers on the road. It will advise you on the shortest and safest itinerary. The TomTom Go Camper also calculates the best route depending on your speed so you can save gas and money. Isn’t that little guy nice ?

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