European champion of motorhome travel, Germany's panoramic routes are full of surprises. Enchanting castles, deep forests, charming villages... Discover our motorhome itineraries and travel through its varied landscapes.

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The best motorhome road trips in Germany

Enchanting castles perched on spectacular rocks, dark forests bursting with folklore, vineyards as far as the eye can see, historic towns and stunning routes... If you're planning your motorhome trip to Germany, look no further. 

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Discovering Germany by campervan

Germany probably is not the first country, coming to your mind when thinking about the perfect campervan tour … until now! In this article we will show you why Germany is more than cold weather, Berlin and highways and in fact a great choice to travel by motorhome.

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Oktoberfest, Munich's beer festival!

On 16 September, the Mayor of Munich will officially declare the Oktoberfest festivities open. Like every year, he will shout "O'Zapft is!" Which means "the party begins" when the first barrel of beer has been tapped. Thus begins a surprising festival where more than 6 million liters of beers are consumed ... amounting to an ocean of suds!!