Top 5 Scariest Sites in the UK


Halloween is fast approaching so we are counting down a spine-tingling list to terrify you during this spooky season.

We turn to some of Britain’s most bloodcurdling locations to visit, if you dare!

1. The Tower of London

This creepy castle needs no introduction.Used as a prison for over 850 years you would certainly shriek if these walls could talk. This is no suprise given The Towers Notorious reputation for torture and death. One of those tortured at the Tower was Guy Fawkes, who was brought there on 6 November 1605; after torture he signed a full confession to the Gunpowder Plot.

2. Pendle Hill 

Pendle Hill in Lancashire was known for its witchcraft fever in 1612. 12 local residents were rounded up and accused of being witches after a series of mysterious deaths accrued in the town. All but 1 was found guilty and hanged. The summit of the hill is famous for its eerie pilgrimages especially during the Halloween season.

3.Borley Rectory

Located in Essex Borley Rectory is described as the most haunted house in the UK. Legend has it a monk and a nun had fallen in love there and planned to elope until their plot was discovered. They say the monk was hanged and the nun was buried alive beneath the vaults of the Rectory. They are rumored to have been haunting these grounds ever since.

4. Culloden Moor

Located in Scotland, Culloden Moor is home to the last major battle fought on British soil in 1745. Fought between government forces and local Jacobites. The Jacobites were massacred seeing nearly 2,000 dead or wounded compared to a mere 50 for the government forces. Sounds of battle cries and clashing swords have been reported over the years, especially on the 16th of April on the anniversary of the battle, serving as a chilling reminder of the blood spilled on this rough Scottish terrain.

5. Berry Pomeroy Castle

Berry Pomeroy Castle in Devon is another haven for ghosts and ghouls.It hosts creepy guests who wander around the grounds such as Margaret Pomeroy. She’s known as the White Lady, and she died after her sister imprisoned her, starving her to death because she was so jealous of how beautiful she was.

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Felicia H

Felicia H

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