8 essential mobile apps for your holidays

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Discover our selection of 8 mobile apps to be downloaded on your smartphone before departure. This selection gathers free apps downloadable on Google Play and the App Store.   


Select the duration of your trip and information about the type of travel that you are about to do. The app will then give you a list of the things that you have to pack so you do not forget anything

Metéo France

An app that will give you the weather forecast during the whole day. Never be the one without the umbrella under the pouring rain again !


It is an indispensable app  for every motorhome enthusiast  who love to travel ; It gathers every sleeping spots, places to visit, gas station etc… Download it here :Google Play, or App Store.


More than a GPS, it is a social network. This navigation app will indicate the fastest route depending on the traffic, accidents or any slowing down signaled by the other members.


Memotrips will allow you to prepare and plan your trip through the travel diaries of other members. Once traveling, create your own diaries and give ideas to whole community. To be downloaded either on the App Store or on Google Play.


An awesome app that allows you to send custom postcards without actually having to post them. Choose your photo, write some text, fill up the address to which you want to send the mail and the postcard will arrive a few days later in the mailbox.

The Motorhomers' Magazine

Take with you the favorite monthly of every motorhome enthusiast and read it wherever you are. No need to go to a shop as you can directly buy the magazine via the app.


This picture manipulation app concludes our selection of essential apps that you must travel with. It allows to embellish your photos in a few seconds thanks to more than 50 filters and settings.

Do not hesitate to share all your tips and the apps you use with us by commenting this article. The whole team wishes a great summer to all the persons who are lucky enough to have some!

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Felicia H

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