Campervan bed ideas: everything you need to know

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Is your motorhome mattress new but too firm? Or is it used and you're not sure whether to change it or get a mattress topper? Maybe you are about to buy a bed for your campervan but are feeling overwhelmed by the range of options? Whatever your situation, this article is for you. We are going to explain how to improve your current campervan bedding and what key points to be aware about when buying a new one.

Motorhome mattresses

Different layouts of motorhome beds and mattresses

It's a well known fact that our bed, both at home and in the motorhome, influences the quality of our sleep, our mood, our fatigue, etc... It is therefore very important to choose the right mattress for your motorhome. If you buy a new or used motorhome, you should definitely check whether the mattress fits your body, sleeping habits and preferences. Even if it is of good quality, there can be plenty of factors causing you bad night sleep later on. Too firm, too soft, not thick enough... It all depends on you and your habits. 

First, let’s talk about the different types of campervan beds. 

Campervan central bed

Which mattress for a central bed

This one probably is the most type of campervan bed. It is very popular because it is accessible from both sides and offers large dimensions, perfect for those who don’t travel alone. 

Campervan mattress for twin beds

Twin bed in camper van

Twin beds are positioned lengthways and separated by a corridor. While they might not be first choice for couples travelling together, their independence is what makes them so popular. 

Transverse campervan bed

transverse bed in motorhome

This is the bed that makes the most of the space on board. It is located at the rear of the motorhome and can be up to 1.60m wide. However, it is less accessible, especially for the bed at the back. If that is no problem for you and you strive for a practical and space-saving solution, a transverse bed might be your choice. 

Campervan roof bed/Drop down bed

roof bed for camper vans

Some motorhomes do not have a permanent bed in order to save space on board. In those cases, the bed sometimes is right underneath the ceiling and is lowered manually or electrically depending on the model. Upsite: you have more space during the day, downside: the ceiling height is reduced. Probably not the best option for anyone wanting to be able to stand up straight in his campervan.

Campervan French bed

French bed mattress in motorhome

Easily recognizable by its cut, the French bed is at the rear of the vehicle. Very often adjoining the bathroom, it has a bevelled end, making it wider at the head than at the feet. 

Campervan bunk bed: Perfect for travelling with kids

Bunk beds in a campervan

Not only a popular option in children’s rooms, but also a great option in a motorhome: Bunk beds mean, there are being installed two beds, one above the other. This configuration will not only provide a sleeping space that is very much appreciated by kids, it is also a very space-saving option. 

What to do if the mattress is too hard or too soft?

In case your current mattress is does not suit you and your back perfectly well, here are 3 possible solution to your dilemma: 

You keep this mattress and you suffer daily 😭 You opt for an adapted mattress topper 😀 You change the mattress 😍

Solution 2 is a compromise, allowing you to improve the comfort of your bed at a lower cost.  While the change probably will not be as big as if you bought a new mattress, a mattress topper is an additional layer going from 2 to 10 cm that you come to add to your mattress. It therefor can indeed change your comfort for the better. 

Installing the mattress topper in your campervan is  very simple, just slide the elastics located at each corner under your mattress. Prices for mattress toppers start at 70€ and can go up to over 300€.

Which mattress to choose?

Let's assume that you are going to change your bed. You have already determined the desired shape, which fits your furniture and personal preferences, now there is nothing left but to actually choose the concrete mattress. Apart from the size,  which criteria should you keep in mind, which material should you choose and which quality is really necessary? 

The quality of a camper mattress depends on several elements: the thickness, the foam used and your needs/desires in terms of firmness. 

So how do you choose? We advise you to base your choice on your experiences, the mattress you have at home, your weight and your size. 

Here are some tips:

If you are less than 1.70 m tall and weigh less than 80 kg, you can choose a soft (medium-firm) mattress If you are over 1.80 m tall and weigh more than 90 kg, we advise you to choose a very firm mattress Are you somewhere in between? A firm mattress will probably suit you.

Bultex or Latex camper mattress?

Bultex ? Latex? What is the difference? Which type of foam and material should you choose?

The difference between the two is simple, it lays in the foam used. Latex mattresses have small cells, which provide a certain amount of softness, better temperature/moisture/transpiration management and a firm comfort on the surface.

Bultex mattresses have larger cells that act like springs for deep comfort. It is lighter and you will find a wider range of mattresses from medium-firm to extra-firm. The final advantage is that it adapts to the curves of your body as you sleep for a better night's sleep.

What about the price?

Let's talk about the cost of a camper mattress. It is difficult to give you a concrete price because it will vary according to the location, size, thickness, etc... 

But as we are very sympathetic, we suggest the following range: 

Count between 200€ and more than 1000€ 😱 YES we know what you will tell us: it is a big range anyway... Indeed, but keep in mind the many different types of mattresses which exist and try to look at it as a long term investment! Imagine the frustration if you come back from your roadtrip with severe back pain, just because you made the price the most important factor. Don’t forget, travelling by motorhome means spending a lot of time driving, it is hence all the more important to provide the best night sleep for your body and back. 

We hope this article provided some helpful information to guide you in your upcoming decisions.

In case you are thinking about buying a new mattress and are thinking about possibilities to finance it, here is an idea: Why not rent your vehicle to other travel-enthusiasts with Yescapa? Sounds interesting? Here you can find more information about how it works and how much you can earn! 

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